6 Ways of Promoting Faster Healing After a Sports Injury

Not many things can be as frustrating for an athlete as not exercising or participating in sports due to an injury taking centuries to heal. Injuries are very common in athletes, especially those who are starting. Of course, preventing injuries is always better than treating but at times, they happen, despite a person taking all the preventive measures. Below are some tips to help an athlete achieve faster recovery and healing and get back on their feet.

Hydrate Adequately

Every athlete understands the importance of keeping hydrated. Since you are not exercising or participating in strenuous physical activities, you may be tempted to reduce your water or other drinks intake. However, that is not right. Your body still needs to get proper hydration as it works hard building damaged tissue.

Take CBD

The world anti-doping agency removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances athletes should not consume. However, other cannabinoids such as cannabis, THC, and marijuana are prohibited. Studies have proven that CBD reduces inflammation which promotes faster healing. It also relieves pain that occurs after exercises, such as pain caused by stiff joints and musculoskeletal pain caused by exercise. There are several CBD products an athlete can consume to promote faster healing, including CBD oil and CBD tablets.

Give Your Body Ample Time to Heal

Giving your body enough time is crucial in promoting faster healing. Don’t get back to the track just because the pain has reduced or the injured part is no longer swelling. If you use the sore area before it heals properly, you delay healing. Avoid exercising, too, as you might get another injury. And most importantly, follow your health provider’s advice on when you should resume physical activities.

Elevate The Injured Part

Elevation is widely used during the treatment of various injuries, even those not caused by sports activities. Elevating the injured part above the heart’s level reduces swelling. It does this by reducing blood flow to the injured part. Elevation also helps drain fluids from the injured part, reducing pain and promoting faster healing.

Use Cold and Heat Therapy

Heat and cold therapy are very effective in promoting faster healing for various injuries, especially those that occur below the surface level. If swelling is one of the symptoms you have, treat it using ice. This reduces swelling and also alleviates pain. After the swelling is over, use heat therapy to promote proper blood flow and help the injured tissue relax, promoting faster recovery.

Use Compression Therapy

Compression is simply wrapping the injured area using a bandage. It promotes faster healing by reducing blood flow and supporting the injured part, reducing swelling. However, be careful when tying bandages and avoid tying them very tightly, as they can cause numbness, tingling, increased swelling, and pain.

Injuries can greatly interfere with your schedule as an athlete. It’s possible to prevent some of these injuries, but you can still recover quickly and get back on track as soon as possible if they happen. Ensure you recover fully before you start exercising or participating in any sports activities to avoid delayed healing and getting more injuries.

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