Beware,Too much green tea is bad for your health

Most people are aware of the many benefits of green tea, but its use can be harmful. Consumption of green tea controls cholesterol and improves blood flow to the arteries, keeping the heart healthy. In addition, a cup of green tea a day is useful for weight loss. According to a study, green tea a day. I burn 75 to 100 calories.

According to experts, if the tea bag of green tea is moistened and placed on the eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes, it gives immense relief to the swollen eyes. Like tea, green tea also contains caffeine which is widely used for human health.

It is okay to consume two cups of green tea in a day, but using more than that can ruin a person’s health.
Aluminum is found in green tea plant which can cause neurological diseases.

The heartbeat of heavy green tea drinkers is very fast which sometimes raises blood pressure.

Its frequent use causes nervousness, drowsiness, weakness, headache And appetite decreases, stomach acidity and heat increase.

Constipation can also be a problem because it dries out the fluid and sometimes causes vomiting and nausea. According to medical experts, drinking green tea on an empty stomach can cause liver disease.

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