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When creating any business, a necessary step is finding a name. The name highlights your brand, which should be memorable and reflect the essence of the activity. It’s good if you’re creative enough to come up with one yourself. But more often than not, naming becomes a problem.

Difficulties of naming

Naming – it’s not so much creativity as the labor of processing the information you want to convey to the consumer, in a convenient, understandable and sonorous form. And in order for the name to be successful, it is necessary to meet several conditions:

  • Conduct market research to understand the request of potential customers and stand out from the competition.
  • Choose a style of brand positioning.
  • Determine the characteristics of the name: length, language, meaning, character, what associations it evokes, etc.
  • Select options through group discussion.
  • Carry out a linguistic study. At this stage the name is analyzed for uniqueness, euphony, for compliance with the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the region in which you plan to work and develop.
  • Choose a name that has been partially tested on the target audience.

You can turn to companies that specialize in naming. But not always there is a desire and opportunity to spend money on this. Yes, and independently passing all of the above steps can be too expensive and / or complicated. In this case, various online generators can help.

On such sites can be generated on the principle of randomness different variants of names (but based on pre-set parameters). In this article, we present one of these popular services for naming -Turbologo.

What is the generator of company names?

Company name generator is a tool that allows you to come up with thousands of potential company names for your company.

The company name generator is extremely useful if you want to create a new company or are thinking of changing the name of an existing company. It will generate any type of business name or brand name you want, and it will come up with thousands of possibilities within minutes.

The generator can be used for any type of business, so whether you want to start your own clothing line or just change the name of your pet care company, this tool is perfect for you!

Principles of Generators

The name for a new company should be bright and memorable. It can be difficult for an entrepreneur to find one, and the market is filled with catchy titles. If your budget for naming is limited, then you can use special services to select the names of companies. It’s a kind of brainstorming service for given parameters. Usually you need to specify the following before you start working with a name generator:

  • field of activity;
  • region of activity;
  • the solidity of the future name;
  • elitism of the future name;
  • how the name should be unique and creative.

Some online generators also ask for parameters such as the number of letters and the frequency of alternation of vowels and consonants. However, in the Turbologo generator everything is much easier.

What is the Turbologo generator?

“Turbologo  is a reliable business name generator that helps you choose a cool and innovative name for your business or company. The service uses many technologies and methods to be able to create more than 100 name choices for each of your company’s criteria.

Whether you’re starting a new offline business, a new podcast, a new Youtube channel, or just want to find a cool username to use on websites, this tool is exactly what you need.

Here you just set the direction of your company, write a slogan and specify additional criteria, and the generator will give you as many names as you need in seconds. Plus, you can design a logo and find lots of other business tools here. Welcome to Turbologo .


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