Heart Disease and Youth

The heart is an organ that enables a living thing to move, which is why in medicine, it is called the center of animal power. Like all the organs of the body, the heart is related to the brain. The brain controls all the organs through the nerves. That is why when the color of … Read more

Keep Children Away From The Mobile Phone

Nowadays, when the mothers of the children get a chance to meet, they mention their children where they complain that the children do not eat anything and also say that the children play with the mobile all the time. In fact, this modern invention has become a great source of entertainment as well as a … Read more

Why Do Kids Run Away From Food

Mothers usually complain that their kid does not eat anything and has to be force-food. The Kids are getting weaker day by day. They Say, What should we do, they do not understand what to do to get the kids to eat food. It is regularly noticed that when a mother is feeding her kids, … Read more

Good Foods During Pregnancy For The Birth Of Wise Baby

Good Foods During Pregnancy For The Birth Of Wise Baby

Pregnant women should go out of their way of life and use specific and good foods. It is good for a healthy pregnancy, it is crucial for a good mother to have a healthy and healthy diet. According to the “WHO” nutritionists say, that pregnant women should make positive changes in their diet from the … Read more