Why Purchasing A Minivan Will Improve Your School

It is no secret that schools are looking for as many ways as possible to save money and boost the education of their students. While it may seem counterintuitive to many headteachers to invest in the purchasing of a minivan for students, there are many ways that it can help to boost the image of your school and ensure that more students get to and from school – thus boosting attendance overall.

So, with that in mind, here are some reasons why it may be better for your school than you think to purchase a minivan.

Cost Effective

If yours is a school that boasts a football team, a chess team, a dance club, and even a gymnastics group as extracurricular activities, it seems probable that sooner or later, these groups are going to be engaged in tournaments or games that take them outside of your school. Therefore, you will need to find a way to transport them.

Why go to the hassle of hiring multiple cars when you could have your minivan to shuttle them around? The Minibus Centre is one example of a company that can allow you to either purchase or hire a minibus long-term, thus saving you a fortune on cab costs for your students.

Safety And Security

Most parents have concerns about their children getting to and from school safely. So, it can be worth having a minivan or two on hand for the kids whose parents don’t have cars, and whose parents don’t want them taking public transport.

This will showcase to parents that you take the safety of your students seriously, and it can also help with the image of your school relating to student welfare.

Multiple Uses

As mentioned before, if you have a fleet of minivans at your school’s disposal, then it can help with everything, such as transporting students to and from school, while also being available to take extracurricular groups to away games and, of course, they can be a boon when it comes to field trips.

It can even be useful if your staff needs to attend training away from the school; you can ensure that your staff gets the training that they need to help teach the kids under their care.

School Symbol

Having a bus which regularly helps students commute to school, or a minibus that has your school’s symbol and name on the side can raise awareness of your school and the activities it does for the benefit of the students. This will help to spread awareness of your school to a wider audience. The best part is that most minivan companies will allow you to choose your own colour with the van, so it can blend with your school’s colours. Great!

Higher Attendance

Children who have to take public transport are at a higher risk of being late or missing early classes due to delays with buses and trains. By purchasing a minivan for your school to pick them up, they will be on time each day, and will therefore be learning more and suffer from less stress.

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