3 Online Shopping Tips to Snap the Perfect Holiday Dress

Christmas is less than two months away, which means gathering with friends and family for the first time in ages. You want to feel confident, but you have little desire to spend hours trying on dresses at the mall.

The good news is that online shopping is more convenient than ever and offers thousands of options across price points and sizes. The trickiest part is ordering something that suits your frame and style. That said, it takes just a few tips to avoid online shopping pitfalls and find the dress of your dreams.

Tip #1: Find your measurements

When measuring yourself, wear any bras or shapewear you plan to pair with the dress. It’s important that you keep good posture, measure in the correct places, and avoid pulling the tape too tightly. If you lack tools or confidence, you can always visit a tailor.

Tip #2: Consider your height

Many women find standard sizing unflattering. If that’s the case for you, and you’re under 5”4, look for brands with a great selection of petite dresses. You can also read reviews for a better idea of fit and quality. If you’re tall, be sure to order a dress that won’t leave you tugging at your hemline all night.

Tip#3: Find your color

According to InStyle, women with warm skin tones look best in gold, deep red, and emerald green. Women with cooler skin should try green or silver. Regardless of your tone, it’s good to order your dresses in a variety of different colors. You never know what will make you feel most confident!

Once you’ve selected your dresses, be sure to read the return policy for each retailer. You’ll likely return a few before finding something you love. Until then, best of luck shopping!


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