4 Things You Need To Know About Custom Belt Buckles

If you’re considering making your custom belt buckle, several things to consider. Here are some of the metals usually used to create custom belt buckles. Also, consider the price and size when choosing a custom belt buckle. Children’s belt buckles and adults’ belt buckles are usually made with metals such as gold, silver, and bronze. These metals are popular for custom buckles and are also commonly used in crafting custom awards. Metals used for custom belt buckles can range from sterling silver to gold.

Metals are used to make custom belt buckles.

Belt buckles are made from tin, bismuth, antimony, copper, and centrifugal force. Pewter is strong and resistant to tarnishing. This metal is also malleable, making it ideal for buckles with intricate curved surfaces. In addition, this metal is considered to be environmentally friendly due to its low lead content. Brass is a common metal used to make custom belt buckles. It’s durable, light, and easy to customize. It also resembles pewter when antiqued. It is also the most affordable metal. Carbon fiber, also known as graphite fiber, is another common metal used for custom belt buckles. Its luster is attributed to its ability to withstand exposure to moisture and the elements.


The earliest belt buckles were hand-made on powerplant job sites from scrap pieces of pipe and stainless steel pipe. These pieces were known as “five hundred dollar buckles” and were popular among power plant workers. Today, designers can produce beautiful belt buckles of various metals, including precious metals. Snakes were often used as buckles on sword belts by soldiers in the former British colonies. The shape became popular across many other countries, with the Naval Brigade using snake clasps on their O/R pattern waist belts in the 1870s. In post-Victorian times, the Royal Horse Artillery Officers Field Rank Uniform also used snake-shaped buckles. Canadian troops also used this design during the Boer War and the American Civil War.


The sizes of handcrafted belt buckles vary considerably. The buckles can be oval, round, or square. In addition, custom designs can be created, so you can choose the exact size that will fit you best. Typically, the belt will be your size, but you can specify the size you would like when you place your order. You can also request the buckle to be customized in other ways, such as by adding precious metals and gemstones to the buckle.

In addition to standard sizes, you may want to consider the width of the belt as well. An approximately 1.5 inches wide belt will not fit easily through a 1-1/2 inch buckle. It will cause the buckle to rub against the belt and show wear signs. Keep in mind the working length of the belt when measuring belt buckles. This way, you can ensure that the buckle will fit comfortably. You may have to make several trips to different jewelry stores to try on different sizes before you find the perfect fit.


The price of a handcrafted belt buckle depends on many factors. These factors can be quite variable, depending on the type of buckle, material, and complexity. The finished buckle will take at least eight weeks to produce. Custom design is also possible. The cost of the buckle depends on the weight and size of the buckle. In some cases, sculpting is required. You can request a quote on the price of solid sterling silver buckles if you want a more expensive version.

Customized belt buckles can also be created in sterling silver and produced according to the design. These belt buckles are ideal for formal occasions. They might be used as wedding gifts or keepsakes or have the name of a great horse or a favored sports team. There are many ways to customize the design and theme of the buckle. You can even choose a design that is not readily available.

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