4 Tips for the Beginner Golfer

The sport of golf began in Scotland, where players would trek throughout a course hitting pebbles with a stick or club. The game has grown, evolving into a relaxing and enjoyable hobby with beautiful greens and entertaining courses. New golfers may wonder what they should do to prepare for the game. If you’re ready to hit the greens, try the following four tips to improve play and awareness.

1. Take a Lesson or Two

Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. Golf courses have pros for a reason. They’re available for the new players and the experienced veterans who need some refreshers. Sign up for a few lessons to learn about the various clubs, shots and stances.

2. Rent Don’t Own

For those starting, it’s okay to borrow equipment. Look for a place that allows you to check out bags for your outings. Also, 18 holes is a lot to walk. During your first few excursions, focus on play and rent a golf cart Powhatan VA to avoid exhaustion.

3. Remain Realistic

You may want to land on the green from the tee or try out that complex shot; however, right now, have a blast and enjoy getting the ball from the tee to the hole. Hit the shot you think you can make, and set realistic goals for yourself.

4. Have Fun at the Range

The course is a long-haul game. It’s great for a day out. However, the range is there for daily hitting and warm-up. You get fresh air. You can challenge yourself to try that further shot, and it’s time for you. Don’t ignore it. Use it to push your boundaries.

The equipment has come a long way from pebbles and sticks, but the essence of the game remains the same: enjoyment and personal development. Have fun on the course.

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