5 Best Digital Signage Software Options for 2022

Digital signage software has grown exponentially in the past decade, so it can be hard to choose the right one. There are many different factors to consider, including how frequently you plan on updating your digital signage, whether you need an all-in-one solution or just a way to display digital signs, and more. We’ve compiled five of the best digital signage software options on the market right now to help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect program for your needs and budget.

Player Apps

While there are several options to choose from, Player Apps are a preferred option for business due to its cloud-based service. Player’s App enables your phone or tablet to act as a remote that can be used to deliver content across all screens in a synchronized fashion. If you prefer, it also has an in-store kiosk mode where the tablet will function similarly to one of the touch panels at a store checkout counter.

This lets you keep track of what is being viewed on each screen and share content across them as well. With Player Apps, you can create interactive displays with quizzes, contests, games and more. For example, if a customer sees something they like on a digital signage screen and want more information about it they can click on the product or item shown to get more details. When using Player Apps, stores have seen an increase in time spent per visitor by 22%.

 Player Hardware

The LiteWare LED Controller is a powerful and versatile digital signage software that works with most PC hardware. It can run on anything from a Raspberry Pi 3 to a dedicated PC, running any OS you need. What’s more, it allows you to create sequences of content so your sign can be dynamic.

These sequences can be stored in an SD card or USB drive so that your hardware is uncluttered and costs less to buy. One such sequence might have been commissioned by Twitter during the US elections when they wanted their scrolling Tweet feed to always be live. For example, if Trump tweeted I am the best president ever! the text would scroll along at full speed until someone else tweeted something and then scroll at full speed again.

If this sounds complicated to program, there are plenty of other creative ways you could use this type of device. You could let kids put together messages using whatever pictures they want, and assign each letter of the alphabet to represent one button on the screen. Using these images, kids could type out messages just like grown-ups do. Another option would be to make different colour backgrounds correspond to various social media platforms – Facebook blue, Instagram pink, etc. Then all you’d need is a keyboard and mouse hooked up to your TV and you could use the same interface as adults who work online every day.

 Player Display Types

Digital signage often means more than just TVs, there are a lot of options for what type of player display you’ll want. Here are the player display types and why they are useful:

-Smart Display (with screens). With the use of interactive screens, smart displays can provide almost any content imaginable while still making sure it is easy to see.

-Projector Display. With traditional projectors becoming less popular, these displays usually require a different input connection and will also be more difficult to install on non-flat surfaces.

-Laptop. Laptops may seem like an odd choice but they’re perfect if you want to keep your signage mobile and easy to pack up when you need to move it somewhere else. For example, in case of an emergency evacuation situation.

-Phone. While smartphones can work as digital signage with their smaller screen size, this option would be best used as supplementary digital signage since you could only display one image at a time which could get distracting or repetitive quickly.

-Tablet. Tablets offer similar capabilities as phones but with a larger screen size which makes them better suited for standalone digital signage where people don’t have access to another device like laptops or desktops. They are also usually easier to maintain and replace so you won’t need to worry about high costs from repairs or malfunctions from its hardware components.

 Content Delivery Methods

Broadcast Media – Traditional forms of broadcasting are rapidly becoming obsolete with the advent of streaming media and interactive content. If you’re looking to update your set-up and make use of something old school, this option is still available. The benefit to broadcast media is that it works great in settings like boardrooms where video conferencing isn’t appropriate.

Streaming Media – Streaming media is a viable option for organisations with younger audiences. With thousands of new sources cropping up everyday, there’s more choice than ever before when it comes to what you want to watch or listen to on your digital signage. Here are five great options when it comes to finding a company that offers digital signage software

1) VLCA;

2) Clever TV;

3) Action Network;

4) Metrixlive;

5) dSign Solutions.

 Other Considerations

When selecting a digital signage software to use, there are several features that will influence your decision. The available features and level of control offered by the software package all make a difference. One major factor is how easy it is to incorporate your own content from any device – such as adding video and images from your personal computer.

Ideally, the software you choose should offer many fonts, unlimited characters per line, as well as support for PC’s, tablets and phones. While every company and industry may have different requirements for their digital signage needs, the following list includes some of the most commonly sought-after options

1) ADJTV offers over 100 templates in 10 categories, which can be accessed via web browser or through the app. There are various customization options available with ADJTV that allow you to add backgrounds, borders, animated elements and even create an entirely new template from scratch. You can also access the system remotely with no monthly fee or login required;

2) DaliDim makes configuring and controlling videos on your screens quick and easy. If you’re looking for a way to run your screen savers without requiring constant attention, this software will come in handy. It allows you to schedule screensavers and change their settings based on specific times of day. For example, if you want your employees’ screensavers turn off after they’ve been idle for two hours then this is possible with DaliDim!

3) Heralding one of the newest trends in digital signage, our fifth best option includes Pixidoo’s interactive platform where users can drag text and images into layouts to form dynamic slideshows. Slideshows themselves can be viewed across multiple devices at once;

4) We Recommend: Once again we recommend Quizlet Study because of its intuitive interface and compatibility with smartphones and other portable devices.

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