5 Ways To Show Your Team Spirit

Whether your child is on a school-organized team or you just started watching major league games with your friends, you might be new to rooting for a team. Here are some creative ways to show your support when kicking off the season.


If the team you’re cheering on is a part of a local school program, ask the coach if there’s anything you can help with. This can be as small as bringing water and snacks to the game or as big as helping with the purchase of uniforms and equipment. If you’re a fan of a major league team or player, find out which charities they support and make a donation in their honor.


In some communities, game seasons are almost like holiday seasons, and decorating for them is a favorite pastime. Get in the spirit with sport yard signs, window decals or hang banners with your favorite team’s colors. It doesn’t just show support to players, tasteful displays can also entertain your neighbors too.

Dress Up

Buy swag, such as jerseys, hoodies, lanyards and bumper stickers. The money from those purchases will often go to supporting the team, and they give you a great way to display your team spirit before big games—or all year round if you like.

Drive Down

If you’re going to a game, a time-honored tradition is tailgating. Even if you’re supporting a small local team, your community may enjoy organizing a bit of pre-game fun. It’s nothing too fancy, just sharing drinks, food and conversation with fellow fans.


Or sing! Rather than just sit stoically in the stands, find out if your team has any traditions or rituals fans perform after a win or other important parts of the game. If you can’t find any, start new traditions with your friends.

Be aware of local rules and the boundaries of people around you. That said, don’t be afraid to let loose and have fun!

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