7 Room Mid-Century Makeover: Before and After

A full-scale, seven-room makeover is daunting, but when you spread the work out over 6 months it’s not so bad! When we purchased our mid-century home last year, there were many things we loved about it, but also many things that needed improvement. We decided to start with one room at a time, and to keep the budget under $3,000 per room on average.

Living Room

When we first saw this living room, we knew it had potential. With its large windows and cozy fireplace, it was the perfect space for a family to gather. But it was clear that the room hadn’t been updated in many years. The wallpaper was dated, the furniture was old, and the carpet was stained. But we saw the potential for a beautiful space.

We replaced the faded drapes with sheer white curtains and added fresh flowers from our garden. To update the sofa, we found an oversized wool rug on sale at World Market. We also added some comfy pillows so guests can lounge around when they visit. We made a chair out of Ikea parts and dressed it up with blue linen fabric from JoAnn’s Fabrics, accenting it with gold nailheads for extra pizzazz!

Finally, we found two modern and sleek side tables that perfectly matched the new contemporary look of the living room. Now when you walk into this space, you can feel how much love has gone into creating such a warm and inviting place to enjoy each other’s company.

Dining Room

This dining room was in dire need of a makeover. The dark wood paneling and outdated wallpaper made the space feel small and dreary. By painting the walls a light, neutral color and removing the dated wallpaper, we were able to brighten up the space and make it feel more open.

We also replaced the old light fixture with a new, modern chandelier. Finally, we added some greenery to the space to give it a fresh, airy feel. I couldn’t be happier with how this room turned out! It feels so much lighter and brighter now. And there’s plenty of natural light thanks to all the windows!

To see before and after photos for every room, click here . For today’s post, we’ll take a look at the dining room makeover! When we first came into this house, I was surprised by how many rooms had wood paneling on the walls.

But what caught my eye about this particular room was that not only did it have wood paneling on the walls but on top of that there was also faded wallpaper! Talk about gloomy décor–it felt like you were eating dinner inside a cave. So that was our first priority–to paint the walls white and remove that terrible wallpaper (so worth getting rid of!).

As for decorating items in this space, again simplicity is key. My mom was an interior designer back in the day and she always told me less is more. There are lots of ways to bring personality into a space without being overbearing or cluttery.

All I wanted to do was incorporate a few elements that remind me of home when I walk through the door. A lush plant will add life, while simple silverware will provide contrast against the black tablecloth. My husband loves cooking so he bought himself a fancy new cutting board as well as a set of utensils that matches his personality.

He loves those pieces because they’re just him; I love them because they make us happy together! You can find these specific products in the posts below! Lastly, one of my favorite touches are these placemats from Target. They’re not too expensive and they have fun colors that pop against the crisp white tablecloth. You can find them here . They fit nicely under the dishes too! These little details really matter when you want your home to feel personalized. I hope this tour inspires you to spruce up your own living spaces!

Landing Strip

Adding a landing strip to your home can make a world of difference. Not only will it help you keep your home organized, but it will also make it feel more welcoming and put together. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your personal style. Here’s how to create a landing strip in your home

1) First, clean out the room (or rooms) where you want to add the landing strip.

2) Then organize any items that need to be stored elsewhere in another room or closet.

3) Label boxes with what they are and where they should go once they’re unpacked so you don’t forget where anything goes when it’s time for unloading everything back into the space!

4) Once everything is unloaded, reassemble the furniture so that there is ample space for storage containers on both sides of the area with furniture pushed up against them on one side (either by removing chairs from tables or shifting other pieces).

5) Place any decor on shelves or surfaces above this new clear space.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was one of the first rooms we tackled in our makeover. We wanted to create a haven for relaxation, so we chose a soothing palette of gray and white. We replaced the old flooring with new hardwood floors, which really made a difference in the overall look and feel of the room. We also added some new furniture, including a comfortable bed and a reading nook. Finally, we added some personal touches, like photos and art pieces, to really make the space our own.

Bathroom #1

We started with the bathroom because it was the smallest room and we wanted to get a feel for what we were dealing with. The walls were stripped down to the studs, new insulation was added, and new drywall was hung. We then added a new subfloor and tile flooring. The old bathtub was replaced with a new clawfoot tub and a new pedestal sink was installed. Finally, we painted the walls, ceiling, and trim white. It feels fresh and light!

The powder room was next on our list. It had been painted in a dark green paint which made it seem dingy and dated. So, after removing the wallpaper, we repainted the walls in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. Then we used Benjamin Moore’s Renovate – Soft Tones to paint over that wall color with some accent color stripes.

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