A Compact Classic DC Home Filled with Secondhand Finds

In just over 600 square feet, this compact classic DC home proves that less can be more when it comes to interiors and homes in general. Just because you have less square footage doesn’t mean you can’t have more luxury and charm! A little creativity and some well-placed secondhand finds are the keys to maximizing space when you live in the nation’s capital, which boasts one of the country’s highest costs of living on average.

Before & After

I was immediately drawn to the bright and airy feel of this home, which is classic DC chic. The homeowners have cleverly incorporated secondhand finds throughout the space, adding character and personality. I especially love the mix of patterns and textures in the living room. The before photos show a home that was dated and in need of some love. But with a few simple changes, it’s been transformed into a stylish and inviting space. I always say that you don’t need lots of square footage to create a cozy environment–just good design!

It looks like the homeowners used an updated palette for their walls–a soothing color scheme paired with white trim makes for easy decorating. In this case, all they needed were accent pieces to make the most out of their neutral backdrop. I love how each piece tells its own story–mixing traditional pieces from thrift stores with trendy ones from consignment shops.

Don’t forget to add a pop of color (like these vibrant pillows) or plants to your next small space project! Sometimes there are treasures at your local thrift store just waiting to be discovered. These beautiful lights would look amazing over a dining table too. Lastly, pick up one statement piece (in this case it’s the patterned rug) to tie everything together. You’ll be surprised by how much just one object can change the entire look of a room.

What We Did

When we first started shopping for our home, we had no idea what we wanted. We knew we wanted something close to the city, but other than that, we were open to anything. After a few months of looking, we finally found the perfect place.

It was a small, classic home in DC that was filled with chic secondhand finds. We loved it immediately and knew it was the one. Luckily, everything about the house worked for us so we didn’t have to do much more than paint and decorate before moving in. While some of our furniture is new (we bought a dining table after all), most of it is old or has been given to us by friends who were moving or downsizing.

The house has many windows which makes it feel really light inside. I love waking up every morning here because there’s always sunlight streaming through the windows. Plus, I get to watch people walking by on their way to work every day which can be pretty entertaining! Our living room is the largest room in the house, so we decided to make it into an office space as well.

One thing that we really appreciate about this house is how private it feels despite being right next door to another row home. The back yard also feels like its own little sanctuary; when you’re outside you don’t hear any noise from neighbors or cars driving by on busy streets nearby.

The Living Room

We started with the living room because it’s the heart of the home. We knew we wanted a classic and timeless feel, so we decided to go with a neutral palette. We found some great secondhand furniture and added some personal touches with art and accessories. The result is a chic and inviting space that we love spending time in.

It’s been our goal to keep this house as small as possible while still maintaining everything we need. It makes us happy knowing that every single piece has been chosen with care! There are so many beautiful vintage items out there that make people question why they would buy new things when they could find them secondhand. But there are also plenty of new items that can be just as beautiful, practical, and inexpensive if you know where to look.


When Anne and her husband began their search for a home in the DC area, they knew they wanted something classic and compact. They found the perfect place in an Atelier row house and set to work filling it with chic secondhand finds. From the tufted velvet sofa to the antique French coffee table, every piece in their home has a story. And thanks to their thoughtful sourcing, their home is both stylish and unique.

The Kitchen

This kitchen is simple and classic, but still packs a lot of storage and counter space into a small footprint. The white cabinets are offset by the black-and-white checked floor, which ties in nicely with the black-and-white theme throughout the rest of the house. The vintage stool at the breakfast bar is a great way to add extra seating without taking up too much space.

And who can resist that gorgeous glass pendant light? We’ve seen similar styles before, but this one has such a charming feel! I’m pretty sure I’m going to take a few notes for my own kitchen’s design. I love how the cabinet doors on either side of the stove create an extension for it, making it easier to cook and look at your pots or pans.

It also creates more counter space when you open them up, because they each have a sink built right in! These upper cabinets are really deep as well; you could probably fit all your dishes inside them if you wanted to reorganize things. As someone who recently moved out of their parents’ home, I’m feeling inspired by these layouts – they make living in smaller spaces seem totally doable.


Welcome to my classic DC row home! When you first enter, you’ll notice the open floor plan and plenty of natural light. The living room flows into the dining room, which is perfect for entertaining. Just off the dining room is the kitchen, which has been updated with new appliances. Down the hall is the bathroom, which has been decorated with chic secondhand finds.

The tub and shower are both in excellent condition, and there’s plenty of storage space for all your towels and toiletries. Thanks for taking a tour of my home! There are two bedrooms on the second level – one that doubles as an office and one that can be used as either a bedroom or study space. One of the best features of this house is that it doesn’t have any stairs! It would be an ideal home for someone who doesn’t want to worry about climbing up and down a flight of stairs everyday.

There’s also plenty of outdoor space, including two private yards on each side, as well as access to public transportation just outside the door. All measurements are approximate and will vary depending on lot size and configuration. Every effort has been made to accurately depict the property; however, inaccuracies may exist due to unintentional misrepresentations.

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