Beis Travel can help you save time, money and energy

If you are planning a trip to Israel, especially for your first time, it’s best to choose a travel agency that can save you money and energy. Not all companies are created equal, and not all offer great service; in fact, many take advantage of first-time visitors by overcharging them. The Israeli Ministry of Tourism has set forth very strict guidelines that must be met by any company in order to have their travel agency license.

At Beis Travel our goal is simple: we want to provide you with an amazing experience while travelling abroad so you will come back to us when you next decide to make your travel arrangements. Here are just some of things we offer Expert Knowledge – Our staff is well trained and ready to answer all your questions about travel and tourism; We Speak Your Language – Do you prefer having someone who speaks English contact you or would you rather speak Hebrew?

We are fluent in both! Great Deals – Thanks to our huge network of contacts we can usually find better deals than anyone else out there on flights, hotels, car rentals… and more! Need Help With Visa Issues – Get full assistance with visa issues if needed. Contact Us Today! No Company Promises – We don’t promise anything except one thing… That we’ll do everything possible to ensure that you get superior quality services at a fair price – no more no less!


What is the Beis Travel?


What is the Beis Travel? Beis Travel is a travel agency that offers tours to all parts of the world. From Alaska to Greece, they have seen it all and can make your trip everything you want it to be. Whether you’re looking for leisure or adventure, they’ll find you the right tour. With tons of different options, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Beis Travel!

The beis travel can be divided into two categories: learning and performing. Both are essential to fully understanding and appreciating Hasidic Judaism and culture. While learning, we can discover how Hasidic Judaism has been passed down from generation to generation over more than 250 years, how it was influenced by other cultures, how it differs from conventional Judaism, why Chabad Chasidus is unique—the list goes on.

When performing, we’re able to bring our study of Hasidism to life by living as authentically as possible within its practices. This experience brings us closer to G‐d and furthers our ability to connect with our fellow Jews.


How beis travel differently from other travel agencies?

First and foremost, we were created by a chassidic family. We understand that what you need when traveling to (or from) New York might be different than what others need. That’s why every one of our agents is a frum Jew—both men and women who live in or near Lakewood, NJ. Since all of our representatives are members of local minyanim (synagogues), they know about upcoming events in Lakewood, especially for those who travel on Shabbos.

Other agencies might have some agents who are Jewish but it’s unlikely any of them will be members of your specific community—and if they are, their knowledge about your community will be limited at best.


 What is the value-add of beis travel?

The underlying goal of beis travel is to re-create a vibrant and dynamic community where members have access to meaningful, inspiring and educational trips. Members are able to learn and grow as they travel while enjoying rich experiences within a supportive environment.

With each trip, learning will become more and more meaningful in one’s daily life. Our hope is that you leave with not only an enriched experience but also a deepened sense of purpose in your learning experience as well as in your professional/spiritual lives.

What is the beis travel approach?

The first thing to understand about what a beis travel approach means for you is that it’s not about a place. Beis travel isn’t about travelling from place to place; rather, it’s about focusing on experiences instead of destinations. It’s an attitude and way of approaching your travels, in which you move through your day-to-day without actively thinking too much about where you will be going.

Through being present in each moment as it occurs—on purpose and with intention—you create more opportunity for serendipity: That magical feeling when things fall into place in a miraculous sort of way. The result is that more amazing experiences happen over time because you aren’t focused on counting them down.



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