Best Ophthalmology Hospitals in the World

Having a problem with your vision? Then it’s time that you should take the initiative to find the best ophthalmology hospitals in the world in 2021. Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine which deals with the study and treatment of diseases related to the eye. The best hospitals in the world provide quality eye treatment and care in a friendly, welcoming and relaxing environment.

The world top 10 eye hospital of these institutions try to make their patients feel comfortable throughout the treatment. At these all-inclusive wellness retreats, the physicians of ophthalmology, who are among the world’s best doctors, treat their patients’ eye problems.

1 Kucukcekmece Hospital

Kucukcekmece Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the European eye health sector in Europe and the world. It was established at the end of the 19th century in Kucukcekmece, Istanbul.

1 Kucukcekmece Hospital

The Hospital consists of the eye clinic, the eye department of the hospital, the research centre, the hospital of the eye, the eye donation department, the hospital of the eye, the department of the hospital of the eye, the eye hospital, the eye hospital and best eye institute in the world.

2 Zulekha Hospital Dubai

Zulekha Hospital Dubai is a renowned hospital that offers a wide range of healthcare services to the residents of Dubai and the other Emirates in the UAE. The hospital has a department of ophthalmology and was the first in the Middle East to start performing cataract surgery.

Zulekha Hospital Dubai

Zulekha Hospital Dubai has been recognized as the best healthcare facility in UAE. The hospital has been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and has been recognized by the Dubai Health Authority with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) certification.

3 Centro Médico Teknon

The Teknon Group is the leading healthcare provider in the Spanish-speaking world, serving the most vulnerable populations in Mexico, Latin America, the United States and Spain.

Centro Médico Teknon

We have more than 30 years of experience in providing quality healthcare, with a focus on preventive medicine, family care, geriatrics and addiction treatment.

4 Wiener Privatklinik Hospital

Wiener Privatklinik Hospital

Wiener Privatklinik is a private hospital in Vienna and is among one of the most famous eye hospitals in Austria. With its more than 50 years of experience in the eye field, Wiener Privatklinik is well-known for its excellent medical treatment, its highly qualified and experienced medical staff, and its modern technology.

5 European Medical Center (EMC)

In a city where it’s not easy to find top eye surgeons in the world, the European Medical Center (EMC) is the perfect alternative. EMC has a wide range of medical services and the best specialists in Moscow.

European Medical Center (EMC)

The center is located near the famous Botkin Hospital. EMC offers patients a wide range of medical services, including surgeries, diagnostics and rehabilitation therapy. The center’s medical team includes a number of best doctors from other countries, including the good UK doctors, Germany and the best USA doctors.

6 Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH)

The Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH) was established in July 2008 with an aim to be the hub of medical services in the southern region of Seoul. This general hospital has 684 beds, including 557 for inpatients and 127 for outpatients.

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH)

The hospital is equipped with the latest medical devices, including an MRI and CT scan and a PET/CT, which are used for diagnosis and treatment of brain, body and breast cancer. There are three main divisions of the hospital; the Internal Medicine Division, the Surgery Division and the Division of Emergency Burn and Trauma Surgery.

7 Sant Joan de Déu – Barcelona Children’s Hospital

The Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (HSJD) is a reference hospital in Spain and one of the best eye hospitals in the world ranking 2021 in Europe in terms of patient safety. With around 120,000 admissions a year, it is the largest pediatric hospital in Spain.

Sant Joan de Déu – Barcelona Children’s Hospital

The Hospital Sant Joan de Déu is a private, non-profit foundation and is located in Barcelona, ​​Spain. It has six units, namely the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (main hospital), the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Santa Caterina, the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Pediatric Hospital, the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Puigdàlber, the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Sants and the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Sabadell.

The Hospital Sant Joan de Déu is a pediatric hospital, focused on children with chronic diseases, handicaps, or other conditions requiring long-term care. In 2010, the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu received the “Hospeum Award” as the best hospital in Barcelona. In 2013, the hospital received the “Premio Exclusividad” Award for the best business in Barcelona.

8 Medicana Atasehir Hospital

Medicana Atasehir Hospital, as a private hospital in Istanbul, is one of the most best hospital in the world, modern private hospitals in Turkey.

Medicana Atasehir Hospital

Medicana Hospital is a modern general hospital with highly trained medical staff and state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Our staff consists of more than 400 highly qualified and experienced physicians and a staff of more than 1000 employees.

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