Best podcasts of 2022: what’s worth listening to right now

The year 2022 seems far away, but it’s actually quite soon if you look at the larger picture. With so many new podcasts being added to the iTunes library every day, it can be hard to determine which ones will still be worth listening to in a few years—and that’s where this list comes in! We’ve put together some of our favorite podcasts from today, along with some that are just starting out and showing promise, to give you some perspective on what’s hot and what’s not over the next few years.

 The common thread – finding your niche

The way you discover a niche is by discovering your strengths and exploring areas that excite you the most. You want to look for gaps in the marketplace and find topics that are underserved. I believe this takes three stages, which every business owner should be able to relate to.

Stage 1 is an exploration stage where you’re trying different topics out and testing the waters with some creativity but without any real stakes. This is a time where we allow ourselves do things that might not work just so we can have fun experimenting. Stage 2, or the flow stage, consists of us getting deeper into topics, making more connections between those subjects and finding even more places where our strengths intersect with other people’s passions. It also includes taking calculated risks, with stakes at hand. As long as it’s something you really care about and think is valuable, there’s nothing wrong with risking something on it.

Stage 3 is the harvest stage, when we start seeing big dividends from our efforts and get to reap rewards. It might take six months or two years for anything to come of these efforts – it all depends on how quickly ideas mature in the world – but when they do, you’ll feel rewarded for sticking it out through those difficult times.

What is this podcast?

This podcast is a slice-of-life look at Portland, Oregon. It covers the people who call this city home as well as the vast numbers of people who come here every year. Topics on this podcast range from food, culture, nightlife, music and everything in between. This show features occasional interviews with local musicians, writers and business owners in Portland. The host does an excellent job at highlighting some of the most popular neighborhoods for visitors to explore. The show has an excellent mix of topics that are both entertaining and educational.

What are some topics discussed?:

The host of this podcast talks about all sorts of things including favorite restaurants, hidden gems around town, transportation tips, advice for visitors, must see attractions and much more! One episode focuses on getting away from the crowds while still being able to see amazing sights.

How often is it updated?:

This podcast releases new episodes weekly on Tuesdays or Thursdays depending on availability.

Keep up with the episodes

Anna Faris is Unqualified

A podcast by actress Anna Faris and her friend Sim Sarna, this show covers topics such as feminism, LGBTQ rights, healthy relationships, marriage, humor and so much more. Faris interviews celebrities about these issues and often invites listeners on the show for an interactive conversation. With 30 episodes so far, there are plenty of topics discussed.

Jimmy Fallon Dream Dancing Podcast

Jimmy Fallon has interviewed some interesting celebrities on his podcast – from Ariana Grande to James Corden. The best part is that Fallon surprises the guest with a dream dancing partner. They then compete in a dance battle until one walks away victorious. Of course, they all have moves so incredible that it would be hard not to be impressed! These stars put their heart and soul into the dance battles, but only one can win each time.

Listen on mobile

The Great Courses Plus

Developing a more fulfilling life starts with knowing who you are and understanding your strengths. With The Great Courses Plus, you can enjoy access to hours of engaging audio and video lectures from the world’s foremost experts on history, science, literature, religion, art, philosophy and many other subjects. Whether you want guidance on parenting or the latest information about Earth’s physical sciences, The Great Courses Plus has it all. And with our mobile app for iOS and Android devices (including smartphones and tablets), learning is always accessible.

Transom FM – Radiotopia Collection

Radiotopia offers short-form storytelling that will spark conversation and inspire us as individuals and citizens of the world. Radiotopia gives voice to those unheard, exploring the universal human condition in all its humor, pathos and glory.

Transportation Nation with Susan Bratton

Learn how technology impacts transportation, along with best practices for using it safely in this new podcast by successful author and speaker Susan Bratton. The future of transportation is coming fast—what does it mean for us? How do we find the balance between innovation and safety? Learnings from this podcast may just change your life—or at least make your commute a little less stressful!

Listen with headphones

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to consume a podcast. At its simplest, it just takes opening an app and pressing play. And with the advancement in mobile technology, you can listen almost anywhere—on the bus, during your commute home from work, while doing chores around the house. That being said, when it comes time for picking out your next podcast download you might feel like something old is better than something new. With that in mind, we’re here with a list of our favorite podcasts as a jumping off point for some good entertainment.

1) Terrible, Thanks For Asking – Hosted by Nora McInerny Purmort and co-host Mike Pesca, this podcast explores how people talk about trauma. The show has two seasons (and counting), each focusing on different themes.

2) Invisibilia – Stories about the invisible forces that shape human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.

3) Missing Richard Simmons – Los Angeles fitness icon Richard Simmons vanished from public life in February 2014 at age 67. Speculation about his reasons abounds; his long-time friend Bobbit reveals what he knows and offers his own theories on why Simmons quit the spotlight.

4) Death, Sex & Money – Death isn’t always seen as part of life, but it affects us all.

5) Radiolab – Radiolab is a radio show and podcast presenting investigations into obscure corners of science and culture, where sound illuminates ideas.

6) TED Radio Hour – TED Radio Hour is a journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create. These are the big thinkers who are reinventing our world.

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