Best Time to Visit Skardu valley Pakistan

The gem of North-East Pakistan, Skardu Valley is among the most popular holiday destinations in Pakistan. Nestled in the lap of the Karakoram. The alluring state enjoys a salubrious climate all through the year. Generally. The best time to visit Skardu Valley falls in between the months of April to May and from July to August.

Summers are really blissful as the environments are on the lower range, a delightful escape from the heat and commotion of the plains and villages. Monsoon is a pure thrill of nature and is usually avoided. Come winter and snow blankets the town and the mountains. To make plans for a holiday in Skardu peruse the details of the weather in Skardu Valley.


Skardu Valley in Summer: April to August

The most beautiful season to plan a trip to North-East Pakistan and especially Skardu Valley in summer, Temperatures lie between 5-20° C  The fogs are long gone, as are the bone-freezing winds and now the sun shines upon the land blessing with a spring in the step. Upper Khachura, Satpara Lake the locale in the higher mountains becomes accessible for visitors.


With summer comes the beautiful season of blooming flowers. Of special delight is the Deosai National Park of Flowers. As the name suggest the entire valley is carpeted with countless flowers such as Cherry blossom and mostly windflowers in equally diverse shades.

Deosai National Park

A trek through the Deosai National Park is perfect to bask in the bliss of summer. Other treks in Skardu valley are also thrilling as one explore the beautiful Karakoram. The trails open up to truly breathtaking mountain landscapes also making it likely to enjoy camping under the open skies in the company of thousand stars.


The moderate climates result in flowing rivers that offer the ideal occasion to go river rafting. The Indus River offers a great opportunity to try out blue water rafting navigating rapids that range from classification level 2 to 4. In addition, to adventure, pilgrimage is also appealing.

There are some Forts and lakes, of which a visit to the Basho Valley and Shigar Fort is to be definitely included in a trip to Skardu valley.

 Skardu Valley in Monsoon: April to May

Rain clouds, mist and soothing showers arrive in Skardu Valley By July, enhancing its beauty beyond words, monsoon is a good time to visit only if you do not mind getting wet. Valley with its lush gardens and Karakoram Mountain in the backdrop is beautiful to enjoy the season. The Shandur Polo Festival held around August or September has colourful celebrations with dances performed wearing colourful clothes and costumes, to attend the fiesta, head to the beautiful lakes.


Skardu Valley in Winter: December to February

Winter brings heavy snow to Skardu Valley along with many exciting festivals and treks. The Deosai route, the 40 km ‘trek to Shangrila resort’ is best attempted in December as the beauty of the North East Himalayas offers the thrill.


Besides the Muslim festival, Eid there is some and beautiful celebrations. Adventure lovers are simple blown away with the pure beauty and thrill. In December, Skardu Valley looks out of the world. Snow laden slopes.

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