Best VoIP Providers of 2022: Which One is Right for You?

Video conferencing software has been around for some time now, but not everyone has had the chance to try it yet. If you’re thinking about investing in video conferencing software, you’ll have quite a few options to choose from in the coming years. In this article, we’ve compiled the 5 best video conferencing software options available by 2022.

 1) Vidyo

Vidyo is a video conferencing app that was created to work with all devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Unlike many apps, Vidyo can create conferences between more than 100 participants. The user interface is intuitive, yet includes advanced features like customizable video feeds, chat rooms and co-watching.

Vidyo also has a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter making it easy to find others using the app. Vidyos pricing ranges from free to as much as $1000 per month depending on how many people are involved in your conference and the specific features you are looking for. However, the price of subscription based services like Vidyo often include a group messaging application that provides real time collaboration tools.

2) Webex

Webinar-heavy businesses are expected to see increased adoption of web-based video conferencing software. It is for this reason that Webex is at the top of our list. Not only does it have a clean and easy to use interface, but you also have access to all sorts of features including full phone support from technical staff.

And one key feature that we would be remiss not to mention is its recording function, which lets you document the best moments from your sessions so that you can share them with those who weren’t able to attend.

#2 GoToMeeting (seven sentences)

One option could be to use GoToMeeting, an excellent alternative offered by Microsoft itself. Unlike many other services, GoToMeeting has been specifically designed to integrate with Outlook seamlessly. So if you’re someone who loves sending out emails and wants to do more than just talk on Skype or Facetime, then you might want to consider giving it a try.

If there’s anything that makes us hesitant about recommending this service, however, it’s the lack of customer support: no phone line or chat window here! The third service on our list will likely please anyone looking for more options in terms of customer care…

#3 Zoom (six+ sentences) Third on our list is Zoom, a powerful tool that offers both low bandwidth and high bandwidth connections. Not only can you schedule meetings with your colleagues easily, but you can also connect via video call without downloading any extra software–you don’t even need internet connectivity to make calls! As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of security features available too–including encrypted data transfer and HIPAA compliance–to keep things secure.

#4 Google Hangouts (five sentences)

Google Hangouts provides another interesting option as well. Similar to Webex, it offers a free conference call bridge with unlimited participants when used through Gmail. However, while others provide some form of customer service–either by phone or email–it seems like Google Hangouts doesn’t offer any such thing.

3) Zoom

We might not see the full impact of social networks until 20-25 years from now, but we can start to see signs. As more and more people use Facebook Live and other types of live video for personal as well as professional purposes, we’re seeing a renaissance in technologies that make it easier to engage in real-time conversations. Zoom is just one example of the type of tool that will likely play an important role in business meetings ten years from now.

In addition to its suite of tools to make one-on-one and group videoconferencing simple and easy, Zoom has made features like PowerPoint remote display available on mobile devices. That means meeting participants will be able to show their slides or other presentations on screens at their convenience or during particular moments they choose.

 4) BlueJeans

A favorite of startups and entrepreneurs alike, is a great choice if you’re not sure how big your business will be in the next few years. The price tag is much lower than other programs, which can be crucial for a small company who needs a solution without a large expense. It’s also one of the most versatile choices: it features screensharing, desktop sharing, document collaboration and audio conferencing all under one interface.

If you want the lowest cost option but still need some power in your video conferencing software then might be perfect for you! How do I get started? Download their software or use their website. Create an account and start hosting meetings with up to 25 people per call. Add as many people as you like by sending them an email invitation.


The experience that offers is extremely simple, but powerful. is able to work across platforms, including iOS and Android devices as well as desktop computers and it makes it easy to join a meeting with just a few clicks or taps of the finger.

Joining any type of meeting through is quick and easy, making this one of the best video conferencing software options available in 2020. also ensures security while you are in a meeting through its two-step verification process, which means your data stays secure without any worries when you use this platform for your meetings.

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