Catamaran Sea Tours in Barcelona

Sometimes you just want to embark on an unforgettable journey where you can be surrounded by nothing but the sea, sun, and your loved ones – no city noise or rush, just fresh air, and the most vibrant emotions! Taking a sea tour on a catamaran in Barcelona can make your dreams come true! Embark on an exciting sea adventure, have fun, and relax to the fullest!

Everyone, including children, parents, and those who love active and passive leisure, can find entertainment on a catamaran. By renting a catamaran in Barcelona and traveling through the expanses of the Mediterranean Sea, you can simply relax and sunbathe, while reading your favorite book or sipping cocktails. Or you can fish on the yacht, take pictures of extraordinary landscapes, dive off the deck into the water, play active games, and dance. Anything your soul desires! You can also celebrate any occasion on board – a birthday, wedding, bachelorette or bachelor party, or even a corporate event. Yachts in Barcelona are often chosen for themed parties, such as pirate or retro-style parties, where everyone dresses up in costumes and trendy hairstyles from the past. Any time spent on a yacht will be remembered by all its sailors for years to come.

Booking a catamaran in Barcelona should be done in advance, after determining the exact number of people who will go on the cruise. The more people, the more spacious the yacht should be – this is obvious to everyone. It’s better to have extra space and not be crowded on a small deck. You can ask the captain to make stops in the middle of the sea, or you can simply spend all the booked time in open water. The entertainment program is designed individually for each group, taking into account all preferences. As we mentioned earlier, it has become fashionable to hold celebrations on yachts these days, and large yachts have banquet halls. You can order any dish from the chefs, invite waiters, a DJ, and even a host who will create a program of contests and quizzes so that you simply don’t have time to get bored.

In short, renting a catamaran can solve many of your questions regarding high-quality leisure. And, as we know, leisure is the key to your good mood and professional success!

How to Choose a Boat Correctly

For water recreation, you can purchase either a sailboat or a motorboat. When choosing the type of boat, it is necessary to determine the tasks it is intended to solve.

For example, a sports boat is not suitable for family or extended vacations, and a motorboat purchased for fishing will not allow you to go out to sea for a long time and in any weather. To answer the question of how to choose a boat correctly, we will talk about the main types of boats.

Cabin Cruiser

The presence of cabins on the deck of such boats allows for short trips on the sea. In addition, on most models of cabin cruisers, you can go out to sea. On such a boat, you can not only spend an interesting day but also fully relax at night.

Day Cruiser

This type of small craft is optimal for short water trips, water sports, hunting trips, and so on. Depending on the functions that the boat must perform, you can choose an open or semi-closed (with a hard top) model. The presence of a sleeping place in the bow of the boat with a semi-closed deck makes such a model the optimal choice if you have to spend one or two nights on the water. Models of day cruisers with an open deck and a car-like arrangement of seats and sofas are great for taking a short water trip and organizing a small party on the water. Day cruisers are most popular among young people and scuba diving enthusiasts.

Cruising Boat

Although cruising boats are also small vessels, they are small yachts. The size of cruising boats can reach twenty or more meters, and the number of amenities available to its owner makes owners of more modest boats envious. In any model of a cruising boat, there is at least one bedroom, a separate galley (toilet), and a shower. In addition, for the convenience of people traveling on it, there is a dining room and a galley with the necessary equipment. Most cruising boats are operated by one person, but models that require a crew of three to five professional sailors are also available.

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