Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Full preparation Time

This is a very simple recipe for making a Chocolate Brownie recipe, first of all, this recipe times takes 16 minutes to collect all the best ingredients, and it will be easy for you when you have all ingredients available for Chocolate Brownie.

Then you can quickly make it a yummy Brownie. Here your interest should be. Then you can make a first-class Chocolate Brownie with great taste.

Time Required

In all recipes of best dishes of Cake, Must have the time required, without time requires you can’t make a delightful dish, But It recipe only time takes one 36 minutes to make, according to these ingredients.

Just only four persons can eat the best Chocolate Brownie or then it depends on the quantity of your ingredients. Much quantity, many people can eat Chocolate Brownie. The recipes of Keto Brownies, fudgy brownies, mug brownies,Nutella brownies, peanut butter brownies, healthy brownies, Betty crocker brownie mix,  and protein brownies are also very simple.

Chocolate Brownie Recipe includes 7 ingredients

  1. Two cups of cornflour
  2. Four cups of flour
  3. One cup of coca powder
  4. One egg
  5. Salt a quarter teaspoon
  6. 1 cup of oil
  7. 1 cup of milk
  8. A cup of whipped cream
  9. A cup of chocolate
  10. Mint for decoration

Step by Step Instructions for Making Chocolate Brownie Recipe

  • First, place a flour sieve over a large pot, add cornflour, and coca powder, and mix well with a wooden spoon to remove excess.
  • Include egg, vanilla essence, salt, oil and milk and mix well to thicken.
  •  Pour the mixture into a pot and fry at 350 degrees temperature for 24 to 29 minutes.
  • In a frying pan, heat the whipped cream and grated chocolate and mix until the two come together.
  • Now place this thick mixture over the fried cake and fold it well, then keep it in the fridge for 55 minutes.
  •  Sprinkle grated chocolate on it and cut it into square pieces with the help of a knife. Take out one piece and place it on a plate.
  •  Put melted chocolate over for beautiful and also put mint leaves. A delicious chocolate brownie is ready.



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