Deducing the most common types of oilfield accidents – Staying aware of them

While it is true that the oil and gas industry provides profitable employment,  it is also known to be a place that is down right dangerous. There are too  many accidents  that occur in the oil and gas industry and if you happen to be a part of this workplace,  you have to be extremely causes about your work. There are numerous government agencies that keep a track on the different ways in which the facilities of this industry keep increasing. 

If you’re someone who is working in an oil field, it is vital for you to be aware of the most common oilfield accidents like slips and falls. There are several cases of fatalities and injuries that occur in the oil and gas industry. Here are a few types that you should educate yourself on.

Slips and Falls

Since you will be surrounded by oil and water most of the time,  slips and falls are a common type of injury that you may sustain as an oil field worker. If the slip and fall case is a serious one,  this could end your career as a worker forever. You might be asked to work on elevated rigs and these can be dangerous if you miss a single step. If you want to avoid the possibility of breaking your bones,  it  is better to put on proper safeguards.

Gas poisoning

Another form of common accidents in oil fields  is gas poisoning.  when you work in an oil rig,  you will be surrounded by hazardous gases like Hydrogen sulphide that can collect in a small space that has no ventilation. This can have a poisonous impact on the workers. People who are unintentionally exposed to this type of gas might fall unconscious, experience nausea,  and could even die.

Inadequate training

The oil fields usually offer fast paste work environment that require a lot of attention and care.  If you have not been receiving a liquid training on the safety practices that should be implemented in an oil field,  you might enjoy yourself as well as the other workers. This is why it is important for you to get sufficient training before being placed in the oil field for actual work. 

Fires and explosions

Fires and explosions are a severe type of accident that should always be on your top concern while working in close proximity with gases in the oil field. Pressurized gases can suddenly errupt when they come in contact with sparks,  or fires and this leads to explosion and severe injuries. It is also unfortunate to note that extinguishing fire in oil rigs is extremely tough.


While you work in an oil field,  you will most of the time be exposed to chemicals that conduct electricity. This puts you at the risk of being electrocuted. Electrocution is a life threatening experience that can lead to severe burns and death.

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the ways in which you can be harmed in an oilfield, stay cautious about the steps that you take as a part of the job. Get in touch with an oilfield injury lawyer in order to file a lawsuit claim. 

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