Diet Chicken Recipe

Diet Chicken Recipe

Full preparation Time

First of all, it times takes 13 minutes to Collective all ingredients, Then You can make it quickly.

Time Required

It time takes 27 minutes to make it. 3 persons can eat only this dish. Or then Depend on your ingredient quantity.

This recipe contains 10 ingredients

  1. Salt as needed
  2. Chicken 1.5 kg  (Boneless)
  3. two tablespoons of ginger garlic paste
  4. Half a teaspoon of pepper powder
  5. One and a half teaspoon of salt
  6. Yoghurt, half a kilo
  7. One and a half tablespoon of red pepper
  8. Half a teaspoon of turmeric


Step by Step Instructions for Making


  1. Cut the meat into pieces. Whisk the yoghurt well and add ginger, garlic paste, red pepper, turmeric and salt and mix well.
  2. Now dip the pieces of meat in the yoghurt mixture and keep it in the baking dish.
  3. Pour the remaining yoghurt over them and leave for four hours.
  4. Cover the baking dish with aluminium foil and stick the edges in the dish and place it in the oven

And bake at 199 degrees for 40 to 55 minutes.

  1. Keep checking when the meat is melted, take it out and eat it.

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