Easy Ways to Keep Skin Healthy and Safe

Looking beautiful is a woman’s right and dream and she seems to do millions of things for it, for this purpose women use the most expensive creams and lotions on the skin.

The important thing is that the beauty of women depends entirely on healthy skin. If the skin is healthy, you will automatically look attractive and beautiful.

Dermatologist Dr. Khurram Mushir gave some important and useful tips that women can follow to keep their skin fresh and healthy.

“Women can take care of their own skin instead of undergoing treatment for beautiful and ideal skin, but it is important to include skincare in their daily routine as the skin needs attention on a daily basis,” she said. ۔

Dr. Khurram said that women who take care of their skin regularly are protected from various skin problems and not only that, but regular skin protection protects the face from the effects of aging.

“Most of the girls who use the paste made with a combination of four creams are very dangerous and the consequences are terrible because it starts to explode quickly,” she said.

He said that it is necessary to eat a spoonful of ghee daily. Multani mud, turmeric, almond kernel, and red mud are very beneficial for the skin as it gives a natural glow and glow to the face.

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