Fingerprints Can Be Stolen From Photos

Many people already know that they should not post their sensitive and private information on social media. Letters with addresses, plane tickets or job letters, etc.

Are especially prominent in such things. Fraudsters can easily use these details against you. And under no circumstances should you tell anyone your password.


No matter how old your password is and you have stopped using it. Often your old password can predict your new potential password.

You may find it safe to share your photos, which do not contain any personal information, on social media. If so, think like millions of other people in the world.


But it is not. Research has shown that posting a peace sign, a victory sign with two fingers or a full hand picture is also a security risk. Hackers are now able to obtain your fingerprint from a picture that is the key to your phone, computer or tablet.

Experts at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) say fingerprints can be easily obtained without using any modern or new technology from images taken from a distance of three meters.


This is not the first time that the biometric security system has been questioned. In 2015, a hacker named John “Star Bug” Chrysler successfully demonstrated that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pupil fingerprints were taken from her picture.

I am unique and have been used for many years to identify a person.

If anyone knows the password for your email account or mobile phone. You can reset your email account or mobile phone by changing the password.

But it is not possible to change the biometric fingerprints. Therefore, with the advent of biometric information, your security is always at risk.

“We leave our biometric data wherever we go,” said Robert Caps, who works in NuData Security. A biometric company. We have all our fingerprints on everything we touch who is very dangerous for us.

Posting selfies on social media, sharing videos with friends and family can all be a way to get your biometric information.

Once biometric data is stolen and sold on the Dark Web, access to the user’s account can be attempted until death.

The Aitcheson team has not only solved the problem, But also found a solution. He has created a transparent film with the help of titanium oxide, which is applied to the fingertips.

Hackers will not be able to obtain fingerprints from the image. However, this security technology can take up to 2 years to fully develop.

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