Free FTP Clients

FTP or file transfer protocol transfers files from the computer to the server and from the server to the computer.

The history of FTP is as old as HTTP. Website owners know that FTP is the easiest way to upload their websites to the server. Web hosting providers also offer the ability to upload files from a website’s control panel, but transferring hundreds of files to a server is not possible through these control panels.


In this case, we need an FTP client. By the way, many FTP clients can be downloaded for free from the internet, some of them are provided by the hosting company itself to its customers.


But some of these free FTP clients are very popular because of their features. Here are three important and popular FTP clients that are available for free.


A company called Coffee Cup does not need any introduction. The company has been developing web designing and development tools for some time. Free FTP is a free FTP client offered by them. Its interface is very attractive and very easy to use. Much attention has been paid to its interface compared to other FTP clients. All of Coffee Cup’s software interfaces look very different from others.

Maybe that’s why people buy and use hundreds of free development software available. It’s also easy to make new connections. Provide details by clicking the Servers button on the Toolbar and connect. You can save the details of multiple servers and create their profiles so that only one click is required to make the connection next time.


Simplicity is a virtue of this software, but users who want to be familiar with the technical details may not like this software. The file transfer from server to a computer and from computer to server is displayed only through a progress bar and no details are given. It was designed to target users who are unfamiliar with technical issues.

So for users who are learning web development, this software is the best. This software can be downloaded from the following link.

Free FTP Clients

Go FTP is a high-speed FTP client. Its developers say it is 314% faster than other FTP clients that use threading to increase speed.


Its interface is not old and attractive. But in the face of speed, this seems pointless, especially when you’re uploading or downloading a website that has thousands or millions of files. In our own experience, we’ve found it faster than a well-known FTP client called Filezilla. GoFTP also has the ability to pause and restart downloads and uploads.


It also supports SFTP (Secure FTP). There is nothing special about this software other than speed. Many of the options available in Free FTP and File District are not available. So we can say that GoFTP is more appropriate to use when you are uploading or downloading a large number of files and folders. You can download GoFTP from the following link

is undoubtedly the most used FTP client. As well as free, it is also well open source. From the name, it looks like a Mozilla product, but it has nothing to do with Mozilla. The main reason for its popularity is the lack of facilities available to other FTP clients and as a result, those that are free.


Although the file is free, it is built just like commercial software. For example, you can drag files or folders from your desktop or any other folder and drop them in the file district. All dragged and dropped files and folders will start uploading to the server. You can also drag and drop files from the server to your favorite folders.


This feature is not available in other free FTP clients.

One of the features of File Zila that we like the most is the filters. Filters allow you to hide specific files or folders on a server or computer. Suppose you only need to download PHP files from a website, but there are also heavy files like images and videos on this website.


In this case, if you put the whole website on downloading, it will certainly lose time as well as bandwidth. But you can easily download only PHP files with the help of filters in the File District. You can create as many filters as you want and apply them to both the server and the computer. File District also has Tabs that allow you to connect to multiple servers at the same time and work on them separately.


It has a simple interface and the ability to create server profiles. SSH enables you to work better on Unix family servers. Portable versions are also available on the Internet that can be used without installation. Follow this link to download the file district


OneSCP or Windows Secure Copy is primarily used as a graphical alternative to Putty.


C-Net calls it the second most popular FTP client. As well as being an FTP client, it also supports SFTP and SCP. The drag and drop feature is also available in the file district. This software is extremely useful when you need to connect to a UNIX family operating system using SFTP or SSH. With WinSCP, you can edit a file directly on a server by double-clicking it.


This feature is not available in File District but is available in the full version of Free FTP (which is not free). It is also possible to view the server in an interface similar to Windows Explorer. This way, those who find the interface of FTP clients complicated can feel like working in Windows with the help of WinSCP. A new version of this software is also available on the internet. The installation or portable version of this software can be downloaded from the following link. The source code is also available at the same link


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