Grand Theft Auto 3: The Trilogy cost, Dated and Trailer released

Grand Theft Auto 3 Date announcement

This is best news for the fans of the Grand Theft Auto series. Rockstar Games have been officially confirmed the data of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy collection. After a long time here is an official new announcement of Grand Theft Auto 3 this year in celebration of the 20th anniversary of GTA III’s release.

Grand Theft Auto 3 improvements

Rockstar programs to release the collection on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and on PC through the Verlag own store and launcher. Rockstar says the determinate Edition versions of these excellent open-world games will element “across-the-board advances include graphical improvements and fashionable gameplay improvement” for all three games format. It will be released on mobile in the coming year.

As you know better Rockstar Games was planning to release a collection of remastered versions of some classic Grand Theft Auto three titles this year. Now, Rockstar appears that the collection has received an age rating in Korea. We have heard this new information from Kotaku about the upcoming GTA Trilogy rerelease.

Grand Theft Auto 3: The Trilogy cost, Dated and Trailer released On YouTube

As spotted by Rockstar Games on YouTube Channel. A New GTA trailer and a new collection title appeared in the Game Rating and Administration committee database of GTA 3.

The GRAC is the South Korean Government Group answerable for reviewing and rating all video Games who are appeared on the internet.

In the month of August, Kotaku has told us plans about the surrounding, these remastered GTA games had shifted and changed the format a lot over the past year. Also, according to the report of Kotaku, GTA the plan was to release in October or early November.

Now, we have heard from Kotaku about the GTA 3 place has shifted once again and now Rockstar Games plans to release the Trilogy in November of the first week.

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