How to do digital marketing using a phone in 2022?

You don’t have to rely on just a laptop or desktop to do digital marketing.
Yes, you read that right!
There are lots of digital marketing activities that could be carried out by using a phone.
You might have seen people claiming that you could make money using your mobile phone. And almost everyone likes the idea.
Why wouldn’t someone like this idea, right? Everyone has a phone with them all the time, and it gives you access to the entire content across the web.
What do you think, is it possible to do marketing just with your mobile device?
Well, the answer is both yes and no, depending on what you are looking for.
But let me tell you that you could do a lot on your phone and only for some things you might need a laptop.
In this article we will see how you can start digital marketing in 2022 using a phone.
Let’s get started.

Instagram marketing
Instagram marketing can be done using a phone. Right from creating pictures or designs, crafting content for engaging the audience, replying to audience’s comments, you can do everything on your phone.
In fact, these activities are easier with your phone than laptop.
Remember, the Instagram platform was built for mobile devices.

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Like Instagram marketing, even in TikTok, you could carry out all the activities related to content creation and engagement, using your mobile phone.
Let us look at the other marketing activities that can be executed using a phone.

Content creation
For shooting videos, taking selfies, creating shorts, and reels, which device do you generally use?
Of course, your mobile, right?
It works really well.
Take the cameras for example. It is so easy to access the camera on your phone than any professional cameras that are gigantic.
For creating visual content, you could use applications like Canva, Lightroom, and many other apps on your phone.
Besides all that is discussed so far, we have more marketing approaches that could be done using a mobile phone.

Social media content scheduling
With tons of applications like Buffer, Hootsuite, Facebook page manager, etc., you have got the ability to schedule content from your phone for various platforms

Can mobile be used to run social media ads?
Yes, there are people who run social media advertisements with their mobile phones.
Howbeit, it is not recommended.
Even though you have this feasibility, it’s better to avoid this, or doing SEO, tweaking your codes, performing keyword research, etc. and even if you try, you will find it tricky.

Final thoughts
The good thing about phone is that you could a lot of things relate to monitoring, creating content, etc., but you should know that you can’t do everything using a mobile phone.
You could use mobile for social media marketing, however, if you wish to run ads, optimize your campaigns, run an email marketing campaign, and track the performance, then you will need more than a mobile phone.

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