Hybrid Event Platform: What Makes Remote Meetings Successful

Remote meetings are the mainstream these days due to the restrictions caused by the current global health crisis. Thanks to them, people from various locations can hold a virtual gathering or assembly. However, to conduct this type of meeting, you will need a reliable hybrid event platform.

Also, managing a remote meeting requires a creative technologist to ensure a successful digital experience. Keeping the attendees engaged virtually should be one of the priorities. That is why the imaginative ideas and execution of events are crucial.

Reasons for Hosting Remote Meetings

Why would you conduct remote meetings in the first place? Below are some of the reasons:

  1. Remote meetings are a great way to uphold relationships.

Using a hybrid event platform, you get to connect with your attendees in a remote meeting. Thus, reaching the same audience is possible, and more than this, you have the opportunity to attract new spectators.

  1. It develops socialization.

Internal meetings help people from different divisions to have collaborations and create a connection. Likewise, attendees are allowed to interact with one another through external meetings. For example, they can make engagements with the sponsors or exhibitors possible.

  1. Remote meetings bring people together globally.

A hybrid events platform has a global reach. Attendees can connect to different people across the world. The capacity of audiences is larger than in-person events. Constrained travel approvals and limited capacity happen in these types of gatherings. Remote meetings, however, do not have those same restrictions.

Making Remote Meetings Successful

So, how do you make remote meetings successful? Well, by keeping the attendees engaged.

Here are several ideas to keep the interaction and connection:

  1. Use the right hybrid event platform.

Choose the best technology based on your requirements or needs.

  1. Start with an icebreaker.

Break the silence by having an icebreaker. For example, you may ask attendees for an introduction about themselves. Another is dividing them into small groups to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Always allow participation.

A remote meeting is engaging when everyone has the chance to participate. You can use session chat, live Q&A, or polling to promote networking. Encourage the attendees to speak throughout the remote meeting. Hear all voices, whether it is a large gathering or a smaller one.

  1. Do not lose clarity or turn aside from the course of an argument.

Using a trustworthy hybrid event platform, stick to your session topic and never forget the agenda of the meeting.

  1. Be time conscious.

Sitting in one place for a long time can be exhausting. Do not allow attendees in your remote meeting to stay too long without giving them a break.

  1. Consider feedback.

There should always be room for improvement in conducting remote meetings. Hence, learn to listen to feedback. You can have a survey or review to know the sentiments of those attendees.

In a Nutshell

Remote meetings let us maintain human connections despite the distance. We can now attend events without even travelling. For this reason, there is no doubt that virtual gatherings are becoming popular nowadays.

Thus, do you want to experience what it is like to manage a remote meeting and use a hybrid event platform? Talk to an expert from Waveplay Interactive today.


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