IPad Pro 2022: everything we know so far

There’s been quite a lot of rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro 2022, but not all of them have been confirmed and some have even been debunked by reliable sources, like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who is usually right on the money when it comes to Apple rumors. So what do we know so far? Let’s take a look at the most recent iPad Pro 2022 rumors and see whether they can be corroborated or shot down once and for all!

 What’s in the Box?

The new iPad will ship with the Smart Keyboard, Lightning to USB-A cable and a 12W power adapter. This is the same setup as previous iPad models, but users will notice that there is no need for USB-C compatibility. The iPad Pro 2017 now starts at $749 CAD. This makes it more affordable for all those who were waiting to see how it might affect their budgets before purchasing one.

With an A10X chip, display improvements, better cameras and iOS 11 running on top of a 10x faster WiFi connection and 9x faster cellular connection; this next gen Apple tablet is going to be serious competition for its peers on the market today, such as Google’s Pixel C 2-in-1 or Microsoft’s Surface Go. We can’t wait to get our hands on one!

 Design, Display and Hardware

  1. Dimensions The iPad Pro will be launched in two sizes and the dimensions of both models are predicted to be similar to the current-generation models.
  2. Display Apple’s new display will have an aspect ratio of 1.67, which means that the width is slightly wider than the height of the device – very similar to a traditional widescreen TV set. Some analysts predict that this form factor was chosen with AR/VR in mind, but no official comment on this topic has been made by Apple yet. It is also worth noting that there are rumours about Apple launching Face ID for the tablet – just like they did for their latest iPhones.
  3. Camera One of the most anticipated features for next year’s model would undoubtedly be the camera update: improved image quality and features such as portrait mode (iPhone 7 Plus) or slow motion video (iPhone X). It remains to be seen if Apple will launch its own camera module or partner up with one of their suppliers such as Sony or Largan Precision Co., Ltd.
  4. Headphone jack With iOS 11, it became possible to use wired headphones without a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter cable; users had access to adapters only when using AirPods until now since iPhone 7 removed the headphone jack altogether.

Camera, Speakers and Facial Recognition

Apple’s latest iPad in development is set to include new features such as a camera, speakers and facial recognition. These updates are not yet confirmed by Apple but are still within the realm of possibility for the 2022 release date. In order to provide you with more information about what to expect from this tablet, here is a list of potential new features. They have also come up with a 22-inch tablet which has led to more speculation that they will be releasing an even larger iPad sometime soon.

* A microphone – While cameras and screens were some of the most popular predictions, it seems like the newest generation will only include one improvement in that department and that is the inclusion of a microphone.

* Facial Recognition – It was unclear whether or not there would be any new upgrades to the existing front-facing camera but if there is going to be one then it looks like it may be facial recognition software.

* The use of AirPlay 2 technology – There have been rumours floating around that suggest Apple might use their own AirPlay 2 technology on this device meaning that it would make Bluetooth obsolete for audio transmission purposes.

* A Home button – One change which many people think will happen with this update is the removal of the Home button and instead opting for gestures to access different functions on the device. Another suggestion was having a fingerprint scanner on both sides of the screen in order to make it easier for people who prefer using either hand.

 Connectivity, Software and Battery Life

In terms of the Wi-Fi, the new iPad will support 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi and mobile networking technologies such as HSPA+, CDMA, EVDO, and GSM. This means that the tablet can switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi networks. iOS 6 will come with built-in functionality to make it easier for users to switch from a cellular connection to a local hotspot or vice versa.

The battery life is expected to be improved as well from 12 hours on iPad 2 when using WiFi down to 7 hours on iPad 3 while browsing the web over 3G which would provide up to 9 hours of usage in total. The New iPad will also have a camera upgrade – 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front facing camera.

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