IPhone 12 vs iPhone 11: Which One is Right for You?

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are both new models from Apple, but what’s the difference between them? The main difference between the two phones is their size, as the iPhone 12 has nearly twice the screen real estate of the iPhone 11. Beyond that, both phones have similar features, including 3D facial recognition technology, waterproofing capabilities, and long-lasting battery life. Here’s a full comparison of the two phones to help you decide which one is right for you.

The processor

The IPhone 11’s biggest downside was its processor. Apple released the A13 Bionic chip in 2020 with plans to release a custom designed chipset that year, but when 2023 rolled around, it wasn’t ready. The next update after this one is slated to release the Neo Bionic chip, which will allow support for both an 5G network and superfast transfers of data over those networks. Until then, however, the best way to ensure high processing power will be an IPhone 12.

The graphics are much more powerful than the previous generation due to its A14X GFX324B1 GPU. It has four times as many cores as the previous generations. It also supports twice as many pixels per second. The battery life is also better, clocking in at about six hours of continuous video streaming on a full charge and about 13 hours for reading on Wi-Fi or LTE before needing another charge.

RAM and memory

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is the first thing that you’ll notice when comparing the specs of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11. The storage options and screen size are exactly the same, but they come with different RAM options: The IPhone 11 comes with 2GB, while the IPone 12 has 4GB. This extra RAM will give you more speed and responsiveness, and there will be less lag when multi-tasking. For example, if you’re watching a YouTube video while browsing Instagram on your phone, it will happen smoothly rather than crashing at points because it’s running out of RAM.

Plus, this also means there won’t be any jittery frame rates when gaming on your device. You can use an app like Geekbench to see how much memory your iPhone needs based on what you do in the day-to-day. If you spend most of your time just scrolling through social media and email, then 1GB should suffice. But if you use tons of apps all day long, from editing photos to playing games, then go for something with more memory like 3GB.

 The screen size

Apple has listened to feedback, and I’m happy to say that the next generation of iPhones will be bigger! If you prefer a larger screen (like me), you might want to go with the newest release. Here are some other new features to keep in mind. The screens on both the new and old models measure 4.7 inches, but it’s 0.2 inches wider on the new model.

If this change doesn’t seem like much, consider it this way: a 4×6 photo fits snugly on an iPhone 11 screen without any of the image being cut off – on an iPhone 12, you’ll still see just a sliver of photo at each side. The front-facing camera was improved, too. It now captures more light so your selfies will look better in low-light conditions. There are also two additional lenses, which work together to create a simulated bokeh effect. With the new cameras, all portrait mode photos automatically have depth control options too.

To be honest, my favorite improvement is something we can’t really touch: the A12 Bionic chip inside! When using it with augmented reality apps such as Harry Potter Wizards Unite or Measure+, I noticed that they load faster and run smoother than before. It also uses AI so that your phone adapts its performance depending on what apps you’re using most often and how you use them!

 Camera, battery life, etc.

As a whole, the new Apple devices offer impressive improvements over last year’s models, such as faster Face ID unlocking, better displays, and more power. The IPhone 12 also offers the benefit of being able to send Animoji to other people.

For some though, what was most appealing about last year’s models were the prices, with options at least $100 cheaper than the newest option. If this detail matters to you then go with an IPhone 11; however, if you’re willing to spend more money then there are definite advantages. Particularly notable is the camera quality, which has been upgraded significantly in both phones – even on the IPhone 11. If battery life is your top priority then stick with last year’s model or get something like an Android phone (such as Samsung) because these phones have much longer lasting batteries.

 Color options

iphone12 and iphone11 are competing models of apple phone that give you the option to choose. The first model iphone12 has 3 different colors to select from, it comes in black, white and space gray. Iphone11 also has 3 different colors, it has a black color, a silver color and a gold color. Choosing your favorite color could be hard because they are all so nice looking.

If you have the money to spend then the choice might be easier but if you don’t then iphone12 would be the cheaper option because of it only having 3 options compared to iphone11 which has 6 options. The price difference is $999.00 USD for iphone12 and $799.00 USD for iphone11. Depending on what color you want, how much cash you want to spend or how often you need a new phone will determine what kind of phone to buy.

If you want a black one with enough space and don’t mind spending a little more money than iphone11 is the best choice. If you want a more expensive but cooler looking one with enough space than iphone12 should be bought.

 Price comparison

  1. The IPhone XS Max starts at $1,079, with the IPhone XS at $999 and the IPone XR at $749.
  2. The IPhone 12 is rumored to start as low as $600 on a new two-year contract, with prices continuing to fall as time goes on.
  3. Of course, you can buy any of these phones now and simply upgrade when you want to (the older phone will be unlocked), but it’s smart to plan ahead in case the phone breaks or you want a more updated model.
  4. It might also be wise to wait for the next generation before upgrading if you have an IPhone 8, 7 or 6s–they are still plenty fast and dependable for most users’ needs, so this is just a question of priorities.
  5. What makes one option better than another? For some people it comes down to what they want their phone experience to look like–some people prefer iOS while others enjoy Android devices better–but really your decision should come down to what you need from your device specifically and how much money you are willing/able to spend on your smartphone needs.
  6. If you’re looking for something that can do everything, whether that’s taking great photos or being a productivity powerhouse, then the IPad Pro would likely be your best bet because it has all of those things plus access to Apple Pencil.
  7. However, it starts at $799 and quickly escalates up into thousands of dollars with all the add-ons–it may not make sense financially if you’re only looking for a mobile device to help you get work done.
  8. Ultimately, you should choose the phone that works best for your individual needs and budget–no matter which choice you make, both options offer comparable features to ensure you’re getting quality products no matter which way you go.

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