La La Anthony’s Brooklyn Home Is Filled With Positive Vibes

La La Anthony, who recently starred in the VH1 show La La’s Full Court Life, has listed her home in Brooklyn Heights on the market. The four-bedroom, three-bathroom house comes with hardwood floors and three fireplaces. Located on Hicks Street, the home can be yours for $3 million. What else will you get if you buy it? For starters, an open floor plan, high ceilings and large windows that offer plenty of natural light, according to Zillow.


Welcome to La La Anthony’s Brooklyn home, where positive vibes abound. From the moment you step inside, it’s clear that this is a place where good vibes reign supreme. From the bright and airy decor to the warm and inviting atmosphere, everything about this space oozes positive energy. Whether you’re lounging on the sunny terrace or exploring with your kids in the expansive backyard, there are endless ways to soak up all of the positivity from this Brooklyn residence.

The Neighborhood

Situated in the trendy borough of Brooklyn, La La Anthony’s home is full of positive vibes. The surrounding neighborhood is known for its eclectic shops, vibrant nightlife, and artistic residents. It’s the perfect place for the actress and entrepreneur to relax and recharge. And, with its close proximity to Manhattan, it’s also the perfect place to entertain guests. You can get to Broadway from here in 10 minutes, she says. It’s just a great location.

The Living Room

In the living room of La La Anthony’s Brooklyn home, positive vibes abound. The space is airy and bright, with large windows letting in plenty of natural light. Plants and flowers are scattered throughout, adding a touch of nature to the room. The furniture is comfortable and inviting, perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. Overall, the space exudes a warm and welcoming feeling. It’s clear that La La wanted her new home to be filled with positivity?

She has truly achieved this goal! What I love most about this home is how it appears so effortless. There are few walls dividing spaces, but rather she incorporated open areas to make the house feel more spacious. The kitchen offers great views from its second-story window as well as stainless steel appliances.

Walking down the hallway, one can see a peek of what looks like an office and a bathroom before coming to a foyer area that leads out onto the deck. A winding staircase leads up to an open loft bedroom on the third floor which offers beautiful views overlooking the cityscape below.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen, there’s a wooden table with six chairs. The counters are a light gray and the cabinets are white. There’s a pot of basil on the windowsill and a plant hanging from the ceiling. On one wall, there’s a black-and-white photo of a woman cooking. Above it is an antique clock. Above that is a painting of two people dancing.

On another wall, there’s an old-fashioned record player and some records: Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson to name just two.

In the corner of the room, there’s a pink cabinet in which she keeps her favorite dishes – delicate bowls in gold patterns decorated with flowers or butterflies; blue plates embossed with gold rims; gold cups; delicate wine glasses – all treasured family heirlooms passed down through generations.

On another countertop is an espresso machine she never uses but leaves out for visitors who might want coffee or tea. It feels like home, she says wistfully as we walk back into her living room. It doesn’t feel like I’m living here, she admits. I live here. That’s what I have to remind myself every day.

I love having my friends over for dinner parties, she says. It was always something I loved doing when I lived in Manhattan too. One of her favorite things about this house is how spacious it is, because when you’re hosting dinner parties, you can seat at least 20 people comfortably.

The Bedroom

As soon as you step foot on the property, it’s clear that this is a place for entertaining. The outdoor space is decorated with string lights, has a built-in speaker system, and there’s even a bar. But what really makes this space special is the view. You can see the Manhattan skyline from the comfort of your own backyard. It’s no wonder La La loves spending time here. This is my getaway, she says. I have friends over all the time, we have dinner parties.

The Bathroom

When you step into La La Anthony’s bathroom, you can’t help but feel the positive vibes. The walls are covered in a bright, cheerful wallpaper and the floors are lined with soft, fluffy towels. There’s even a plant in the corner that adds a touch of nature. To be honest, there isn’t much to say about this room. It’s perfect! But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it isn’t super chic.

This room is so nice to walk into after a long day at work or traveling–you’ll instantly feel relaxed and calm. We love how she added a little life to the space by hanging some framed art on the wall and adding an eye-catching rug on the floor.

The Outdoor Space

As soon as you step onto the property, you’re hit with positive vibes. The landscaping is luscious and green, with a mix of flowers and trees. There’s a patio area with a table and chairs, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or glass of wine in the evening.

And then there’s the pool. It’s surrounded by a stone deck and has an adjacent hot tub. We can only imagine how amazing it must be to spend a summer day lounging by the pool or soaking in the hot tub under the stars.

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