Let your immune system mushroom

Have you ever thought of how many times in your life your body has to fight the common cold or influenza? And the strain this puts on your immune system? Boosting your immunity is something you can do quite naturally, thanks to the properties of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are just fungi, right? Well, actually not. Mushrooms are a natural antioxidant that contains nutrients that are key to detoxing and general health. One of these is just the thing you need to boost your immune system: Selenium.

Selenium is a key element of selenoproteins, produced by your body and a key factor in keeping the balance between oxidants and antioxidants in individual cells. The net effect of this is that the immune responses are affected. This means that Selenium is a key to boosting your immune system.

This doesn’t mean you need to sit down and eat a bowl of mushrooms every day. Rather, make sure that you target the elements you require by using a product containing the relevant extracts from mushrooms. Many CBC products are available with this in mind, using a range of mushrooms with a variety of nutritional profiles that will ensure your body.

Find your Selenium through CBC products and watch your immune system mushroom.

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