Mathletics: The game for anyone looking to improve their math skills

One of the best ways to practice improving your math skills and start to understand mathematical concepts more deeply is by playing games. After all, there’s no better way to learn and retain information than through hands-on experience with it! A wonderful example of this is Mathletics, which is an educational game that can be played on both iOS and Android devices, but also on the web.

You can play single-player games or multiplayer games with your friends and have fun while improving your math skills! And best of all, Mathletics is completely free! So what are you waiting for?

What is Mathletics?

If you’re a fan of Sudoku, you’ll love Mathletics because it is an engaging, addictive tool that makes practising math fun and rewarding. The best part? It’s free on your iPad or iPhone! On Mathletics, you can practise problems in each of these areas: measurement, geometry, fractions/decimals/percents, algebra and number sense. After solving a problem correctly you move up levels and receive badges as rewards; if you make a mistake there are hints available but they take time away from your progress meter which can affect your overall score at the end of each session.

Along with awarding you points based on accuracy and time spent working, Mathletics also has leaderboards where students around the world compete for who has made more correct answers within a given amount of time. Students can follow along with how much learning material someone has covered by checking out their Buzz report (accessible from their profile). Anyone using Mathletics will see how far ahead or behind they are compared to friends, teachers and experts all over the world—this kind of competition always helps reinforce learning.

Is it possible to play for free

Mathletics is one of my favorite tools when it comes to reviewing and improving my Math skills, and more importantly it is 100% free to play anytime you want. One of my favorite features on Mathletics is that you can literally jump in at any time with no prep work required, just choose which subject area you’d like to start studying and away you go.

If your goal is working towards an SAT or ACT test then I would highly recommend using their online tool as a study aid and review guide by clicking below! I’m taking both exams in April 2017 so hopefully I can do well enough on them (I wish I had signed up for them earlier). Thanks for reading, hope that helps!

How much does it cost?

Go ahead and enter your name and e-mail into Mathletics’ sign up form and you’ll be brought to a page where you can select what your child’s grade level is (or would like to learn, depending on which type of student you’re joining).

Afterwards, simply click ‘create an account’ at which point you’ll be sent a confirmation e-mail in your inbox with a link so that you can start playing right away! Note: It is free, but there are ads that pop up while playing; although they don’t take away from playtime, it would still be best if students were online when doing their math practice. Overall, Mathletics gives us (and our children) endless opportunities for fun while learning more about ourselves!

What if I don’t have a computer at home, can I still play?

Yes, Mathletics is an online math game that you can play directly on your mobile phone. This makes it a great way to test and train your kids’ and students’ maths skills while they’re out and about – at home or in school; on a computer or mobile device. Mobile has been our fastest growing platform since day one with over 800,000 players from around 180 countries downloading our app – so whatever type of device you have handy, it’s definitely possible!

Just download Mathletics from iTunes, Google Play or any number of other app stores where we are available. Then create an account using your email address, Facebook credentials or by entering an optional nickname. Afterwards, simply log in and start playing wherever you want to, whenever you want.

We support all modern browsers as well as iPads and iPhones (including both iOS9 & iOS10) so if there’s something we don’t support then let us know! We’ll make sure that new devices get added to our list of supported devices very quickly.

What are the benefits of playing?

Whether you’re a student or someone who works with numbers for a living, you can use Mathletics to hone your skills and get better at something we all know is important but no one enjoys—math! But it doesn’t stop there. Mathletics is great for young people, too, whether they are struggling in school or just want something fun and engaging to do while learning more about an important subject.

There are also benefits beyond being great at adding and subtracting: a 2015 study found that playing games can have significant positive effects on a child’s academic outcomes in mathematics [and] reading; increase persistence, engagement, collaboration and motivation; impact attitudes toward learning, and assist students in meeting behavioural goals. Sounds like a good deal to us!Looking to play?: If you would like to try out our online game here’s how you play: first, choose a level from Introductory through Advanced.

Then add two players from your contact list (email addresses). Finally, pick questions of varying difficulty levels for each round and start competing with each other until one of you reaches 100 points. Here’s hoping both of you come out ahead!
Now available on mobile!: We created Mathletics because we wanted everyone around the world to benefit from using it – especially those without access to traditional teaching tools. Now everyone has access from their mobile device – even if an internet connection isn’t available.

Where do I start if I would like to give it a try?

Make sure you have a solid grip on your basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). If you’re a little rusty in any of these areas, Mathletics has a nice little refresher course to get you back up to speed. Once you have that covered it’s time to prepare yourself for battle! Make sure you’ve got your Mathletics account set up and familiarize yourself with how everything works before diving into playing games with others.

With your math knowledge bolstered and your account created it’s time to prepare yourself for war! It can be easy at first but make sure if possible that you are playing against other people who are also working towards improving their understanding of maths.

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