No Frills has President’s Choice, right?

If you live in the Toronto area, you’ve probably heard about No Frills supermarkets and how great their prices are. But have you heard about the President’s Choice products that are available at No Frills? PCC has been around since 1975 and brings high-quality products to market at an affordable price point, sometimes even cheaper than other name brands! Check out some of the PC items that are available at your local No Frills and pick up some of these delicious finds. You won’t be disappointed!


Is No Frills’ President’s Choice a good idea?

A growing number of Canadians have expressed outrage over Loblaw Companies Ltd.’s decision to launch its own line of President’s Choice products in No Frills stores. To clarify any confusion or controversy about whether or not PC products will be stocked at No Frills locations across Canada, reached out to representatives from Loblaw and No Frills for comment; however, we have yet to receive a response.

For those customers who shop exclusively at either Loblaws or No Frills stores, it’s probably worth double-checking your local store before making a mad dash for certain brands. Alternatively (and until further notice), you could always just pick up your favourite items at Loblaws or another grocery store if you can’t make it to your local No Frills location.


What does No Frills stand to gain from President’s Choice?

There are a lot of misconceptions about No Frills, so let’s clear them up. One is that we don’t carry President’s Choice products. Yes we do. We have a lot of them. Many in fact. In fact we sell more PC products than any other food retailer in Canada! So no worries there! Plus, many stores carry them in the same locations as other brands too!

That way you can compare and decide for yourself which brand tastes better or makes you feel healthier! How handy is that? Never fear, No Frills shoppers: PC products are here to stay because, despite what it says on their box or package, they ARE NOT a discount brand! They’re just another choice – one we offer at every one of our 213 stores nationwide. Are you happy now?! Is everything cool between us now?! You know what else people often ask me? Are your stores clean and well-lit? I say yes they are. You ever been inside FreshCo before?? Wasn’t it nice and bright? Just like ours.


What’s the difference between No frills and other grocery stores?

No frills is a discount grocery store. Some people believe that means it only sells cheap products. This isn’t true! No frills is actually owned by Loblaw and offers products from many of their brands at low prices – President’s Choice in particular. Look for it next time you’re shopping there! President’s Choice®: Founded in 1984, President’s Choice® was designed to give Canadians better choices – those made with quality ingredients backed by science to provide fresh-tasting foods at affordable prices.

Today, PC® is Canada’s favorite private label brand and one of Canada’s top 10 food brands overall with more than 2,500 unique items available across over 1,000 stores nationwide – making everyday moments delicious. Pssst … we also offer bonus savings through PC eCoupons if you shop online via select retailers (like Sobeys) or directly on Loblaws’ PC website!


Is No Frills more expensive than Walmart/Sobeys/Metro/Loblaws?

No one really knows. You need to shop around and compare prices at different locations to get a feel for which store is cheapest. Generally speaking, no supermarket chain is cheaper than another; they all have their own niche products that help set them apart from other chains.

However, when it comes to non-food items (such as toilet paper), Walmart tends to be more affordable than its competitors. Keep in mind that not everything in stores should cost less — some things actually cost more, but maybe worth paying extra for if you’re trying to squeeze every last drop of value out of your grocery budget. For example, you might save $5 buying an inferior brand of tomato sauce over Heinz…

but if it tastes so bad you can’t eat it and throw most of it away, then Heinz ends up being cheaper after all! This can also apply to produce: while a generic brand will usually save you money, sometimes buying organic may result in paying extra because your family absolutely won’t touch anything grown with pesticide on or near it.


Should I buy No frills gift cards on eBay / Craigslist etc.?

If you find a seller offering gift cards for No Frills at a price less than face value, think twice before you buy. These transactions are often scams designed to take your money and leave you with nothing in return. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If a site like eBay or Craigslist states that they do not allow sale of No Frills gift cards as they are company policy (even though they’re listed on their website), steer clear from these deals. Scammers will try to claim there was a printing error or that the original owner lost them and were never used – but just remember: Anybody can print any design onto anything nowadays!


How to do research on No Frills before you go shopping?

Simply type no-frills president’s choice into a search engine and see what comes up. More often than not you’ll be able to find a list of products sold at No Frills that have been declared President’s Choice products. You may also want to contact their customer service line and ask if they have any of those products available in store; or just go shopping!

But don’t go shopping empty-handed – print out a copy of their current flyer so you can comparison shop in store. Write an analysis on if my above assumptions are correct: Go ahead and give it a try for yourself! Are there certain items that No Frills carries exclusively instead of PC brands? How does their pricing compare to other PC products being sold across Canada?

The best way is to test it for yourself and once you’ve found something interesting post about it on your company’s website so your team members (and hopefully all Canadians) can learn more about how they could save money while shopping at a low-cost grocery chain.

The four marketing Ps describe market segmentation: One very important lesson in marketing is understanding market segmentation when reaching different groups of consumers with unique tastes who value different benefits provided by goods or services.


How to get the most out of the no-frills app?

Now that you’ve downloaded No Frills to your phone or computer, what’s next? The app includes some great features like a recipe finder and storage tracker so you can remember where your favourite products are located in store. But there are also some really helpful ways to make shopping more efficient using some of its new features. Take for example Order Ahead, which allows you to order groceries through the app before arriving at No Frills. Then once you get there all of your items will be ready for pick up on a designated shelf.

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