Pet Valu Going Out Of Business in Canada

Pet Valu has officially announced that it will be closing all its locations in Canada as of June 28, 2017. The decision was made by Pet Valu’s parent company, Mars Retail Group (MRG), and Pet Valu’s owner, the US-based company Mars Inc., who purchased MRG in 2014 with plans to expand operations into the Canadian market. Unfortunately, Mars Inc. seems to have changed its mind about the Canadian market within the last year or so, which led to the closures announced in April 2017 of all 19 of Pet Valu’s stores in Ontario and Quebec.


PetValu going out of business

PetValu opened its first location back in 1993 and since then, they’ve become a trusted and beloved brand name. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as it was announced today that PetValu will be going out of business. If you live near one of their stores you should definitely get there soon to stock up on dog food, cat food, or anything else your pet might need.

They aren’t giving out any information about their financials but they did announce that over 500 jobs will be lost because of their closing. It’s not clear how quickly these locations will start shutting down but I would recommend trying to swing by your nearest store soon if you want to stock up on treats before they are gone forever. On behalf of all Canadians, thank you for everything you have done for our pets over these past couple of decades. RIP PetValu!


PetValu closing its stores

The pet-products store chain that recently expanded into Western Canada is now undergoing a reverse migration. The brand will shutter all 17 of its locations across B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan by June, citing shifting market conditions as its reason for ceasing operations, according to an internal memo obtained by Postmedia News.

To be competitive and to continue as a going concern we must change, reads a prepared statement from Mark Rosenthal, who was appointed chief executive officer of parent company Integra Brands in late 2016. He did not elaborate on what specifically prompted his decision to shrink down and focus on products sold under third-party brands such as Nutro and Winalot.


Where to find PetValu online and at what price

PetValu’s website allows people to find out about special deals and offers, like saving money on dog beds with pet food purchases. The company also has a rewards program, where members earn points for every dollar they spend. People can redeem those points for free products at any PetValu location.

The site lists all of its locations by province and city, including addresses and phone numbers of each store. In Ontario alone, there are currently 30 locations across Toronto, Hamilton, Oakville and Pickering. It’s important to note that some stores may be closing by March 18 depending on their business’ locations and sales figures. But hopefully pets will soon have a new place to shop for their needs!


Where to find your favourite PetValu products after July 29th?

While some locations will be staying open, many will be closing their doors for good on July 29th. The Toronto store posted on Facebook: Dear Customers, Please note that all PetValu locations across Canada will be closed on July 29th. We are no longer available for online orders at after June 30th and a full list of discontinued products can be found.

Discontinued inventory has been removed from and is now available at our current locations while supplies last. Both stores have been discounting their remaining items to 50-70% off until they close down so if you need to pick up any last-minute items don’t delay! There is an app called Saving Animal Lives that allows consumers to search by category or brand names and shows whether there are still items available at different locations.

Unfortunately, it only works in BC right now but hopefully, it’ll expand nationwide soon! If you haven’t already done so, please share your favourite PetValu stories with us below — we want to hear about how much joy you got out of shopping there over these years and why they’ll hold a special place in your heart as long as you live.

Stay tuned for more updates from us via our social media channels (Facebook/Twitter) leading up to July 29th but unfortunately, we won’t have time for individualized customer service inquiries regarding account balances or pricing as we are swamped with preparations for closure.


What Exchange Rate Affected Pet Valu?

Pet Food is a really big import for Pet Valu and most pet stores, so when our dollar was dropping like a rock it hit them hard. It didn’t help that Petsmart went bankrupt and closed many of their stores either. The devaluation of our currency caught these businesses off guard and they had trouble making ends meet. Over time, it became impossible to keep their doors open and they were forced to shut down.


How to Bring Pet Valu Back?

Pet stores have become an increasingly important part of pet care, from routine shopping to grooming. Now Pet Valu is going out of business and customers are turning their backs on them. There has been talk that it could be because they haven’t kept up with changing times and trends but there might be another reason: people want more personalized care for their pets which means heading to local groomers or getting things done themselves.

This means Pet Valu may not have a way back into our lives if we’re not looking for something specific like treats or a new collar, so here are some tips you can use if you want to bring them back!


Pet Valu on the Brink of Dwindling

Pet Valu Inc. is a Canadian pet supply chain that has been facing declining sales and earnings since late 2017, according to media reports. The parent company of Pet Valu, Delaval Inc., recently announced that it would be closing stores across Ontario by 2019. This could be just a drop in the bucket; sources say Delaval will shutter more than half of its locations worldwide over that same period. The Ontario closures aren’t all bad news for current Pet Valu employees, though; company reps have promised any employee who wishes to stay with them will be considered for positions at any new stores that open later on down the line.

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