Pros and cons of the result management module in a school management system?

The result cards are used to track the progress of students at a specific time using a school management system. For the past years, The results were communicated to parents in a  quantitative assessment, not a qualitative assessment of the learning and knowledge outcomes. But today, technology is more advanced and the education industry is progressing technology.

So, following a result-based pattern is always not beneficial to students but also helps the parents to know about the children’s study progress report to measure the overall performance of their child. Besides creating a stressful situation for the students,


The pressure can also rise to a negative learning attitude among the students. It can also lead to students for the bad practices, including self-harm and suicide in extreme situations or unfavourable exams. Therefore, the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions need to move from a manual result-based approach into a more comprehensive system that offers great feedback on the students’ learning journey.

This result management module in a school ERP software would also help the students to learn in a more comprehensive and great way without the pressure of the performance in a classroom.


This has raised the demand for a school management system, an online result management module that does not ensure the students will receive accurate and error-free results. But they will also receive the report on the feedback of all classroom activities and the error-prone results, including the quizzes, midterm exams, daily home, and extracurricular activities.

Today, an online result management module in a school management system requires the incorporation of detailed accounts of students’ Progress across many parameters. This can also include the student’s social behaviour, discipline, work, habits, learning skills, and other extracurricular activities, and many more.

BY enabling the feature of the 360-degree performance of the student, The students can continue the assessments of the students through the academic year.

This will help the students to know about their strengths and weaknesses. It widens the perspective towards the learning process, helping students take responsibility for their education. And motivating them to score better in future exams through real-time course correction.


Below, we discuss the pros and cons of the result management module in a school management system 


  • Results in a less time 

This is the most important and obvious feature in a school management system. Generally, the traditional paper-based results take a lot of time as the teachers need to do calculations, input them into the system, and need to wait until the exam reports are printed.

This process may take a lot of time and during this, the students forget the context and the content of the exam questions. However, by using the online exam management module in a  school management system, All the exam results are calculated automatically and all the results the students can view within minutes.


  •   Error-free checking marks 

The lack of human intervention in the online result management system ensures that the student’s results are free from personal biases and prejudice. Most of the time, these mistakes can make a chance of the loss of errors and the morale of the student. On the other hand, if we discuss online result management modules in a school, ERP software is always free from errors towards the students.


  • Minor technical issues

Just like another technical system, there may be some technical issues in the online result management system as well. These issues may vary from small server problems to a larger lack of internet connection.

However, these are the challenges that can be easily managed to ensure that the school management system can perform well and can not be affected by these challenges.

  • Open text questions cannot be graded 

One of the biggest cons of the online exam and result management module in a school management system is that the open text questions that need to be written in long sentences or paragraphs cannot be graded automatically.

This requires being manually read by the teachers and requires to be graded accordingly. So in these situations, the online school management software cannot be effective.



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