Reduce the risk of truck wrecks – What are the safety tips to follow?

Crashes between passenger cars and huge commercial trucks can lead to critical injuries and even death. The main reason behind the extent of the injuries caused is the difference in weight and size of the two vehicles. Considering the weight and size of the passenger car and truck, it is no surprise that fatalities are bound to happen. 

If you’re the driver of a passenger car or if you drive to earn your living every day, you have to be very careful on road. An accident with a commercial truck can change your life forever. Though you can seek the help of a Vegas truck accident lawyer to resolve such cases, you should know how to stay safe on road. Here are a few tips to avoid being involved in a truck accident. 

  • Leave enough space for the truck


There is no doubt about the fact that trucks need huge space to turn and reach a total stop after identifying a hazard. They need this space only because of their sheer size. Moreover, tire blowouts occur very often among trucks, and hence driving near a commercial truck can at times get hazardous. Here are the basic rules to follow:

  • Leave a distance of 4 seconds between the commercial truck and you
  • Give more space to the truck for turning
  • Don’t pass the truck from the right side as you can get caught between the truck and the curb

  • Pass the truck quickly


Due to their massive weight and size, trucks can’t stop as immediately as other passenger vehicles. Hence, whenever you need to pass them, you should do so quickly. The tips to follow while passing a truck are:

  • Pass the truck from the left side
  • Don’t pass a truck while travelling downhill or uphill
  • Never return to the lane after crossing the truck until you can see the driver in your rearview mirror

  • Maintain a safe distance from their blind spots


The huge trucks have larger blind spots than the average-sized vehicles and this too is because of their huge size. The areas you should stay out of are:


  • 30 feet behind the truck
  • 20 feet in front of the truck
  • The driver’s side of the truck
  • Two lanes wide on the right side of the truck

  • Don’t be distracted while driving


Just as any other road safety tip, this is a no-brainer. In order to stay away from critical truck accidents, you have to focus fully on your driving wheel. Limit all sorts of distractions like:


  • Phone calls or other notifications
  • Children, pets, or other passengers
  • Things rolling or falling inside your vehicle
  • Drink or food
  • Scenery or signs outside your window
  • Frustrating emotions or thoughts

One more tip to follow is to predict the weather conditions before setting out on a road journey. It is best to avoid driving during precarious weather conditions. Nevertheless, if it is urgent, you should increase the distance between your vehicle and the trucks. 


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