Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: A Phone Worth Upgrading For

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are the best smartphones you can buy today, with their exceptional design, premium build quality, powerful performance, and superb cameras. If you’re in the market for a new phone, these are the phones to get… if you can afford them, that is. Let’s take a closer look at what these phones have to offer.

 Overall Design

On the front of the phone is a 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, so colors are super sharp and viewing angles are pretty great, too. Samsung has decided to omit the hardware home button that’s been on their devices for the past few generations, and instead opted for on-screen navigation buttons at the bottom of the display.

This makes navigating feel more fluid than before because there is no bump from a physical button like in previous models; you get used to it after a day or two of use.

The rest of the design is what we’ve come to expect from Samsung flagship devices like this one; there’s an aluminum frame with diamond cutouts and Gorilla Glass 4 covering both the front and back of the device. Some folks might not be fans of the all glass construction but personally I love it, as I do with any premium smartphone these days. There’s also IP68 water resistance here which is always nice to have on a modern device.

It’s worth noting that some have said that the fingerprint sensor feels cheap and sometimes doesn’t read fingerprints accurately but personally I haven’t had any issues yet

This model isn’t perfect, but when compared to other smartphones on the market right now this is easily one of my favorites – especially considering its only $600-$700.

 Camera Quality

The iPhone 6’s camera is no slouch, with excellent color representation and plenty of detail. But it has to work hard for decent shots, which often necessitates a steady hand. The result? Sure, the photos you get from the iPhone 6 will look good on Instagram or Facebook—for now.

That may be more than enough for many people, but as photo quality becomes more of a factor in buying decisions, it’ll be harder to ignore that Apple lags behind Samsung (and some other phone makers) in this department. Now before you give up on the iPhone 6’s camera all together and go hunting for a new phone to use as your main device, know that things are about to get better with iOS 10 this fall.

If you’re an iPhone user, check out the What’s New in iOS 10 preview video if you haven’t already. Aside from being able to press the home button twice to open the camera app, there are also updates like improvements to Photos so that it automatically recognizes faces and locations for tagging purposes; changes to iMessage like an expanded keyboard including stickers; along with updates like Siri can translate into different languages, which sounds like a major help when traveling abroad. It won’t make up for its subpar performance against top-tier competitors today, but these software enhancements should keep things competitive going forward.

Video Recording

This video explains why the Samsung Galaxy S7 is worth upgrading for and how you can upgrade to the newest phone at a fair price. This video covers many of the reasons why people might want to upgrade their phones, including better battery life, protection from water and drops, or simply wanting the latest in smartphone technology.

It also talks about whether it’s worth switching carriers or not. With all of these things considered, this video would be helpful to someone who’s considering upgrading their phone because it offers various points of view on whether or not to make that change right now or later. If you’re trying to decide if it’s time for an upgrade, take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 review below! The main selling point for this new phone is its beautiful design.

The metal and glass give it a sleek appearance without making it feel fragile. The metal frame makes the device more durable against falls, which can’t be said for previous models with all-glass designs. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has one of the best displays ever seen on a smartphone; its 577 ppi resolution blows most other smartphones out of the water in terms of sharpness and brightness. You’ll love having such clear photos, videos, and text wherever you go!

 Sound Quality

Listening to music on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is amazing. Whether it’s streaming Tidal over Bluetooth or playing locally stored music, the speaker pumps out crystal clear highs and mids without any distortion. The volume gets pretty loud too; we were able to play music at half of the max volume setting and the sound was still quite clear without a lot of distortion. We were also impressed with how it handles bass, there is barely any when you’re listening at half volume but if you turn it up even more then we get that satisfying deep bass coming through.

The sound quality for calls was also impressive. Even in a busy coffee shop with just a little bit of background noise, our callers could hear us loud and clear. You can adjust the earpiece volume in the settings menu which is great because we found ourselves turning it down to not hurt our ears as much. It can also be set so high that you don’t need to hold your phone up to your ear while talking which is great if you want both hands free while walking around.

 Battery Life

Like most smartphones, the Galaxy S5’s battery doesn’t last for as long as you may like. I was constantly having to charge it, and often after just a few hours of use. On average, I got about four hours of screen-on time from it before it needed a recharge.

This past weekend my sister needed to borrow my phone to make an important call and she lost battery power in just over two hours with no more than one phone call, a little bit of web browsing, and texting while roaming. Luckily, Samsung gave the Galaxy S7 plenty of power with its 3,000 mAh battery — now we can all share this model when need be without worrying that it will stop working when we need it most.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. And after using it for a few weeks, I can safely say that this is one of the most convenient, dependable smartphones out there.

Thanks to its long-lasting battery and its constant connection to my virtual personal assistant Siri, I’ll never have to worry about running out of juice at an inopportune time or miss an important call because I can’t hear my phone ring over a loud party.

It’s perfect for navigating while driving and helps me stay focused on work when it needs to be delivered ASAP. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has seen a lot of great improvements from previous models, but keep in mind that some people might be hesitant to upgrade from a device they’ve had for years. With the new features, like the higher resolution display, these new updates are sure to bring in new customers looking for a more powerful device.

In addition to being sturdy and water resistant, it doesn’t take much effort on my part to charge this phone. With wireless charging capabilities and quick charging speeds, you’ll never have any worries about your battery dying unexpectedly again! You won’t regret investing in this quality phone!

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