Some useful uses of old toothbrushes that not everyone knows

Instead of throwing away old toothbrushes, they can do a lot of work that we will tell you about in this article today.


Due to its small size, the toothbrush can clean things that do not reach the hand or anything else. Such as a basin faucet, a door handle, and a food processor in the kitchen.


Although there are separate brushes for polishing shoes, polishing with a toothbrush can also polish the edges of the shoes well and they are also great for polishing delicate and well-designed furniture.

Keyboard and computer cleaning work

It is very difficult to clean between the computer and especially the keyboard. An old toothbrush can also work for them. In addition, window frames can be polished with it.

Dressing table

Place an old toothbrush in the drawer of the dressing table. It can be used for everything from eyebrow brushes to jewelry cleaning or polishing.

Paint on pots

These brushes are also useful if you plan to paint pots. In addition, if you have children at home, you can also give them these brushes for painting.

Clothes stains

If there is any stain on the clothes that are not coming out, clean them with light hands with an old brush.

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