Starting a Printing Company

Despite how much the digital sphere has expanded over the past few decades, physical paper is still a relevant commodity. Many programs and events still rely on printing companies to fulfill their needs. Starting a printing business can be very lucrative for committed entrepreneurs. However, to get on the right foot, there are some important details to look at.


Printing services are often localized, so it’s important to research the surrounding community. Are there many other printing companies in the area? If so, what do they focus on? Niche printing services are becoming increasingly popular, and market research can help with figuring out what to focus on. If the local market does look to be too saturated, virtual work might be a better option.


Many cities and counties require licensing for people who want to establish a home business. Entrepreneurs should also visit their Secretary of State’s website to file a business name. Some areas require a walk-in with a small fee, so it’s good to be prepared.


Paper, printers and design software are the basic building blocks of a printing company. However, there are other factors a person should look into. It’s important to consider everything from the ink brand to arrow pump products to software features, as the most subtle change can make a huge difference.


An impressive portfolio is the best way to bring customers in. Volunteering for different companies and nonprofits can give entrepreneurs a headstart and teach them about the trade. With permission, this work can be used to create a portfolio for prospective customers. Newsletters, flyers, social media and other forms of advertising can spread the word further.

A printing company can involve hard, tedious work in the beginning. When cash flow improves, business owners can often afford to make things easier for themselves. Diligence and patience are key.

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