The Best Cheap Dash Cam Sales and Deals for June 2022

Looking to purchase a cheap dash cam? Here’s where you can find the best deals on them and how to choose the right one. It’s important to get the best cheap dash cam for your needs, whether you’re looking for something reliable that you can use in your personal vehicle or something that is high-quality but still affordable enough to be used as an office camera or surveillance system.

General comparisons of budget dash cams from different brands

If you are looking to save money on a dash cam, there are several brands out there. Kudox offers two different cams for $10 and $13, with the latter featuring nighttime video as well as support for 32 GB memory cards. The Imarku also offers a budget-friendly product that only costs $13. But be aware that they don’t include any internal storage, so you’ll need to get your own memory card or transfer your footage over via USB cable every time you want to review footage.

Pansonite’s cheapest dash cam costs $20 but has a more professional look than other budget-friendly cameras. For example, it features an LCD screen which is designed to resist fingerprints and smudges so images are clearer in daylight or darkness . It also features parking mode recording when you have to leave your car parked unattended, making this camera ideal for people who use their cars frequently. However, if you prefer no screen at all, then maybe the Z-Edge Z3 might suit your needs better because it comes without one.

Instead of just black and white night vision like most budget cameras have, this camera displays up to 16 colors of night vision. And its sleek design will allow it to easily blend into your car’s interior while still being able to capture great quality footage during the day and at night.

Reviews of budget cameras by brand

. . .*Actek Camera*- A reliable budget camera that can offer HD recording of your drives. It comes with a two-inch LCD screen, as well as a night vision mode that is also quite useful. The Actek camera can also capture video from what it sees through its two camera lenses. It has a long battery life of four hours, so you’ll be able to enjoy multiple days worth of recording before the charge dies out on you. All in all, it’s one of the cheapest dash cam options out there and will certainly get the job done in terms of quality without breaking the bank.

.*Blueskye Camera*- The Blueskye is an easy to use option that comes at a low price point. For this reason, it might not have all the bells and whistles as some other models on our list but if simplicity is what you’re looking for then this is a great choice. Just plug it into your car charger or cigarette lighter outlet and start recording! Plus, it’s pretty hardy too–it doesn’t come with any fancy features but even if you drop it off the side of a mountain or accidentally throw it into the ocean (both unlikely scenarios) then this little guy should still work just fine. We love that about him!

*Looncam Camera*- One of our top recommendations on this list because Looncam delivers great value for money. For example, if you’re looking for something simple yet sophisticated then look no further than Looncam!

 Specific reviews by brand, model and price range

For car owners on a budget, dash cams offer peace of mind when it comes to accidents. These gadgets are also great insurance policies against fraudulent insurance claims. Brands like BlackVue and FalconZero offer many models that vary in cost depending on the features you want.

On Amazon, these two brands have various models that range from $60-$200, while one BlackVue model costs as much as $900! The most popular model by FalconZero is their 4K HDR dash cam with an included car charger ($170). For those looking for higher-end features, the top choice is the high-speed dash cam from FalconZero ($250).

 Verdict (Our top 5 recommendations)

  1. The KDLINKS X1 1080P Dash Camera is a great deal at $48, it has some of the best quality dash cams that we tested in our test group with a streamlined design. Our testers found that this dash cam was one of the easiest to set up, plug in, and start recording.
  2. The AXIS M3037-P is another good deal at only $88 which offers simple installation and fantastic video quality with a sleek design. Our tester found that this was a great dash cam if you are looking for something more simplistic. We would recommend this dash cam for people who want to use their car’s power supply as there is no included battery. For those who want their car’s power supply they may also be interested in the VIOFO A119
  3. We recommend the DRIVEPRO 230w HD Car Dashboard camera as a decent option if you don’t mind spending over $100 on your purchase. The DRIVEPRO 230w HD Car Dashboard camera offers crisp 1080p resolution footage along with reliable night vision and motion detection sensors. We would not recommend this dash cam if you are looking for an affordable alternative as it is one of the most expensive ones we tested in our review group; however, it does offer peace of mind from accident or crime evidence storage options like GPS location tracking.
  4. The TomTom Bandit 4K Action Camera may be worth considering for those who want a high-quality 360 degree view of what is happening around them while driving but doesn’t want to spend too much money. It costs less than $150 and features two 180° lenses with 4K ultra HD recordings. We found that the TomTom Bandit 4K Action Camera had an easy install process and excellent visibility both day and night;
  5. Lastly, we recommend checking out the Tachyon Speed Drive Pro 720P Dual Lens Dual Screen Dashcam due to its affordability coming in under $50 which makes it hard to pass up on this deal!

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