The Best Over-Ear Headphones of 2022: Sony, Sennheiser, and More

Time to upgrade your headphones? We’ve rounded up the five best over-ear headphones of 2022, from Sony and Sennheiser to the hottest new brands on the scene. These premium cans deliver crisp highs, deep bass, and clear midrange frequencies for an immersive listening experience that lets you immerse yourself in your favorite tunes, movies, and more. Take a look at the list below to see which pair of over-ear headphones will be best for you in 2022.

 Best over-ear headphones under $100

Your headphone preferences are largely a matter of personal taste. As such, the best over-ear headphones for you will vary depending on what you prefer. If you’re looking for big sound with a deep bass response and great isolation from outside noise then the Bose QuietComfort 35 II are an excellent choice; these headphones will immerse you in your favorite music without a hint of distraction.

The Philips Fidelio M2BT ANC have been designed to provide superb clarity and natural sound reproduction; perfect for classical music lovers who want to hear every note as it was intended to be heard.

The MRP Luxe HD5000 offer fantastic value at just $79.99 but still maintain high audio quality for rock music enthusiasts thanks to the 40mm drivers. These studio monitor headphones also fold up neatly into their own carrying case making them ideal for commuters. Alternatively, if you’re willing to spend a little more money then the AKG N700NC Wireless can’t be beaten for comfort and incredible power handling (they’ll even work with non-Bluetooth devices!).

Budget pick

If you’re in the market for a less expensive pair of headphones that don’t sacrifice too much quality, the Sennheiser HD 4.50 is a great option. This headphone is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time but still sounds really good for its price point.

The ear cups are circumaural, meaning they will cover your ears completely and seal off sound around you. Plus these over-ear headphones have been Bluetooth compatible since 2016 which means you can avoid cumbersome wires getting in your way. And while they may not be as flashy as some other options on this list, their clean look makes them easily accessible if you want something more neutral. As an added bonus, these Sennheisers come with a hard carrying case so you can travel with them safely! You won’t find anything wrong with this budget pick.

With a wider frequency range and beautiful, crystal clear sound, it’s no wonder the Sony MDR-1A is a favorite among audiophiles. These headphones were originally released back in 2013 but have since seen continued success due to the balance between price and quality they offer.

While at first glance they may seem bulky because of their size (over-ear), they are actually quite lightweight and won’t strain your neck after prolonged use. These cans also come equipped with rotating ear cups so you can adjust them depending on how tight or loose you like your fit to be; making it possible for even children to enjoy these high-quality headphones.

Best mid-range ($200-$400)

The best mid-range headphones from Sennheiser are the HD 4.50 BTNC ($250) which deliver balanced audio performance for all kinds of listening, battery life is about 22 hours which is great for long airplane rides or working in a noisy office.

Sennheiser’s PXC 550 Wireless Noise Cancelling ($400) offers the best sound quality we’ve heard in this category with deep bass tones, spacious soundstage and accurate instrument reproduction. It may be more expensive than other models but its high level performance justifies the price tag.

Sony’s WF1000X ( $200) earbuds are lightweight so they’re easy to wear while commuting on public transit or even while sleeping. They also have excellent noise cancellation and come with charging case that gives you up to 9 hours of playtime. They do lack some low end frequencies so if you listen primarily to hip hop or dance music these might not work well for you, but they’re perfect for audiobooks and podcasts.

The Momentum 2nd Generation by Sennheiser are another great option at $250 that deliver excellent sound at any volume thanks to its proprietary Open Acoustic System design. Its adaptive noise cancelling feature is also very helpful when you need peace and quiet like during your morning commute into work or when you’re trying to concentrate in an open office space.

Final thoughts

The humble headphone has undergone a revolution over the past few years. It’s gone from a simple audio solution to become a status symbol, fashion accessory, immersive movie theater and home theater component, sporting tool, exercise companion — the list goes on.

With dozens of companies churning out new models every year it can be hard to keep up with what’s worth your hard-earned money. To save you some time we’ve tracked down some of the best over-ear headphones from Sony, Sennheiser and more in order to give you an idea of what might be coming down the line later this year.

They don’t come cheap though.

But when you’re talking about an item that is something like 85% in charge of how your music sounds to begin with who cares? I’m willing to spend $400 if I know I’ll have a set of cans for the next decade or so. That said, even at their high price points there are options for those who need things on a budget. For instance, the Shure SRH440s offer excellent sound quality (excellent isolation) at a much lower cost than comparable over-ears. Plus they’re made by one of the most respected names in audio equipment, so they should last awhile.

It doesn’t hurt that they also look pretty good too. Not bad for under 100 bucks!

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