The Most Beautiful, Livable Tiny House We’ve Ever Seen

When you think of tiny houses, you probably imagine small, uninviting spaces lacking in both comfort and aesthetics. After all, there isn’t a lot of living space to work with in small homes, which can make decorating and making it your own difficult. However, the most beautiful tiny house we’ve ever seen proves that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some photos of this beautiful abode that might change your mind about tiny houses forever!

The problem with tiny houses

People love the idea of living in a tiny house. They’re affordable, eco-friendly, and often very cute. But the reality is that living in a tiny house can be quite difficult. Here are some of the biggest problems with tiny houses

1) There’s no space for guests: One of the main reasons people give up on their tiny house is because they don’t have any space for guests. You could ask your friends to come over to your place at all hours if you’re not worried about them being cramped or feeling uncomfortable. But most people want their guests to feel welcome, which isn’t possible in a tiny home!

2) There’s not enough storage: When you live in a small space like this one, it’s really important to organize things so they don’t take up unnecessary room. It might sound simple, but most people need help coming up with creative ways to store items like books and clothes without making it seem cluttered or overcrowded.

Our Favorite Tiny Living Spaces

  1. This idyllic tiny house on a mountaintop in Vermont looks like the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.
  2. The quaint little cottage is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has a wraparound porch that would be perfect for relaxing with a book or taking in the stunning views.
  3. Inside, the house is warm and inviting, with plenty of natural light and a cozy fireplace.
  4. The kitchen is small but well-equipped, and there’s even a lofted bedroom upstairs.
  5. This tiny house proves that you don’t need a lot of space to live comfortably – all you need is a bit of creativity and some good design principles. 6. If you want to live as simply as possible, then this simple cabin with its exposed beams and concrete floors is perfect.
  6. Located in Portland, Oregon, it’s not much bigger than 500 square feet but comes complete with two bedrooms and one bathroom.
  7. A long hallway leads from the entrance way into the rest of the home where large windows bring an abundance of natural light inside every room – including an open living area complete with a couch and flat screen TV!
  8. With only 500 square feet to fill, this might just be one of the most livable tiny houses we’ve ever seen!

100 square feet, two stories

Nestled in the woods of Upstate New York, this tiny house is truly a sight to behold. At just 100 square feet, it’s cozy and charming, with a beautiful deck and an outdoor shower. Inside, there’s a lofted bedroom and a living area with a wood-burning stove. The whole house is incredibly well-designed and feels like a true home. Plus, it’s off-grid and completely sustainable! We can’t imagine a more perfect tiny house. With two stories, a view of the woods, and rustic charm galore, we love everything about this one.

If you’re looking for something small but still full of life, this might be your dream come true. Built by Shelter Wise Custom Homes, the house was designed with sustainability in mind and offers solar panels on its roof.

It also has a composting toilet, rainwater collection system, insulation made from recycled denim jeans, and even reclaimed barnwood siding on its exterior. The interior includes eco-friendly fixtures as well as sustainably harvested oak flooring. You’ll never want to leave once you step inside! I stepped into this lovely little oasis and immediately felt at peace.

Everything I needed seemed to be right here–no need to travel or constantly worry about my next vacation destination. As someone who values simplicity, I’m thrilled that I could live so simply while still having such a high quality of life–and all without being disconnected from nature.

That’s what really sold me on this property: the ability to live in tune with the world around me without ever feeling trapped or overwhelmed by too much noise or activity. For anyone who loves spending time outdoors, cozying up near a fire indoors, or appreciating simple design elements, I recommend giving this stunning tiny house some serious consideration!

135 square feet + loft

We’ve seen a lot of tiny houses in our day, but this one might just take the cake for being the most beautiful and livable of them all. At 135 square feet (plus a loft), this house has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The clean lines and simple design make it feel spacious, while the use of natural materials creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The open floor plan is perfect for entertaining friends or curling up with a good book. With two bedrooms that share a bathroom and can be closed off from the living area with sliding doors, privacy is not an issue at all.

And did we mention that there’s enough space to fit in an additional bed? In addition to a full kitchen, dining area, and large living room – which includes ample storage for clothes and books – this cozy home also has a porch on both sides! There’s really no better way to spend your time than on the back porch enjoying coffee in the morning sun or unwinding after work with some wine on the front porch.

No matter what time of year it is, you’ll always have plenty of indoor activities available thanks to these compact yet efficient spaces. There are also quite a few things left over that would come in handy: pantry items like sugar and flour; dishes like plates and cups; cooking tools like spatulas; towels; toiletries; linen sheets; blankets – anything you could possibly need!

114 square feet

Nestled in the woods of British Columbia, this tiny house is 114 square feet of beautiful, modern design. The all-white exterior is accented by wood paneling and large windows, making the space feel bright and airy. Inside, there’s a cozy living area with a small kitchen and dining area.

The bedroom loft is accessed by a ladder and has enough room for a queen-sized bed. This tiny house is the perfect example of how to live simply and beautifully in a small space. From its simple yet stylish décor to its floor plan that maximizes every inch of space, it proves that bigger isn’t always better.

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