Top Career Options if You Love Property Design

If you love property design, then you are in for a treat because there are so many excellent career options to consider. Many of these can be started later in life as well, making them excellent choices for anyone passionate about design and buildings.

If you love properties, property design, renovating, and so on, then consider these top career options today:


Architects are the ones who design the buildings that we see today. Typically, you specialize in a specific design or alternatively in a specific theme. For example, you may be a modernist architect that specializes in building the next generation of glass offices. You may alternatively be someone who specializes in eco-design.

It takes a considerable amount of time to become an architect, so starting as early as possible to get all the education requirements and licenses is recommended. Once you have that license, you will usually work for architectural firms on smaller projects, but after you build up your portfolio, you will have a chance at establishing yourself as a top designer.

Trade Specialist

Architects design but the trades are the ones who actually build. If you love working with your hands and aren’t wholly creative in terms of design, working in the trades can be the perfect fit for you.

The best part about the trades is that either all or at least a big majority of your training is hands-on. You will be working as an apprentice and will even be earning while you go. What you earn will be lower than what you will earn in the future as this is how you pay for the training.

House Flipper

House flipping is an excellent option for those who love renovating but don’t want to make their career about catering to clients. Done right, house flipping can be incredibly lucrative, particularly if you keep some buildings as part of your rental portfolio.

You don’t have to feel priced out of this career option, either. There are local private lenders that offer loans specifically for fix-and-flip projects. These are short-term loans, which suit year-long fix, flip, and sell projects.

Interior Designer

Though it may sound like being an interior designer is something you can do with no experience, this is far from the case. While you can work as a design consultant without any special certifications, working as a professional interior designer is something different. If you ever want to work for big-name clients, including corporate ones, you will want to go through the effort of becoming a professional. This usually includes formal education and a state exam, but the rules differ from state to state.

Real Estate Agent

Working as a real estate agent means connecting properties with their new owners. If you are a natural salesperson and want to see and sell beautiful properties from all over, then this can be the perfect role for you. Just as with all options in this list, you will need to train and earn a license before you can begin.

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