Use Of WordPress Nulled Theme

WordPress is nowadays the worlds most famous and most popular content management system (CMS). 64 Million Websites on the Internet are based on WordPress.

According to Wikipedia, 41.4% of the top 10 million websites as of May 2021, WordPress is one of the most famous content management system solutions in use, WordPress’s favourite features are themes and plugins.

There are millions of WordPress themes available that can completely convert a website in minutes.


Some themes are available free of charge and some are free. Priced themes are more visible and preferred.

Just as the problem of piracy goes hand in hand with every piece of software that is available, so are the premium WordPress themes, called premium themes, This is readily available on the Internet if there is a crack.


Unfortunately, the practice of purchasing licenses for WordPress themes did not increase here. Particularly for their personal website, people use unlawfully obtained themes, also called nulled themes, rather than spending.

Although the cost of the theme ranges from two thousand rupees to five thousand, if a person can purchase a good computer for numerous thousand rupees, or spend thousands of rupees for web hosting and also a website, how can it be complicated for him to purchase a theme?

But unfortunately nulled themes are extensively used all over the world which can later lead to harsh damage.


Only as using crack software is not without its risks, so too can the use of nulled themes. This theme is a good tool for hackers to hack websites or try to damage the visitors of the website.

Hackers purchase premium themes and robbery them online for free on the Internet but also add applications, hacking scripts or backdoors.


Many hacking scripts are created and built in such a way that even antivirus does not identify them.

When somebody downloads and uses the same infected theme on their website, the website gets to be infected the next time or at a specific time.

Websites may deteriorate after infection or in most cases the visitors of the website may be distracted to another ridiculous or fraudulent website.


As soon as Google realizes the website is infected, it quickly begins issuing an alert in the search results below the website links that this website may damage your Laptop.

If ads run on your website for money or purpose, you may have to wash your hands of these ads in case of infection. Website traffic after an infection is critically affected.


Some malware and hacking scripts are so dangerous that they exploit the server’s vulnerabilities to destroy it.

In one condition we also saw that the use of nulled scripts infected all the information files on the Linux server with ransomware and caused the administrator large financial losses which were hundreds of times more than the price of the theme.

Crack theme consumers also miss updates to this theme. Updates are issued regularly to improve WordPress or to fix security vulnerabilities. These updates also permit the theme to be updated to contain new changes.

So if the theme is not updated but WordPress is updated or the plugin is updated, the layout or working type of the website may change completely.


If your website is infected with software due to a nulled theme, many hosting providers will cancel your hosting account. Also, your website is permanently infected with a virus.

So using a nulled theme can temporarily save a few thousand rupees, but can also lead to the loss of thousands or maybe millions in the future.

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