Ways to Make Your Blog More Visible In the Search Engine

Why is it really worth getting fascinated in SEO? Everyone repeats like a mantra that true content material is the basis. But what about the content material when no one is aware of it? I have in mind that it was once difficult to begin a weblog at the beginning.

Each advice used to be really worth its weight in gold, and I admit, it nevertheless is – this is the satisfactory shape of advertising for a blog. Honest reward from some other blogger offers you a lot. However, it is additionally really worth taking things into your very own hands.

If the reader is searching for a reply to a precise question, and you have posted a publish on this subject – get found! This is what web optimization is for – so that your entries are seen in the search engine.


Most search engine optimization tutorials are committed to WordPress plugins or websites in standards that possibly don’t inform you anything. Some will simply inform you to purchase Facebook followers and get on with your day. However, a few modifications can be made to the blogger to make the weblog extra seen and some entries on this issue had been created.

Since I get a lot of questions from readers about search engine optimization on the blogger, I determined to write what modifications I made on my blog. Today I desired to focal point on matters that are adequate to do ONCE. You don’t want to take into account this when publishing each and every post.

Just take a second to see the distinction soon. In the subsequent submission, I will write what to have in mind when publishing a note.


Automatically, of course, the blogger will assign the identity of the weblog by way of downloading statistics from the address, however, it might also seem to be like this: cosmetic-blog-ani. Not very interesting, is it? Ania’s Cosmetic Blog appears so plenty better! However, you can successfully use this area to point out the theme of your blog.

In addition to the weblog name, it is really worth including a few phrases describing what you can locate on it. It can seem to be like this: Ania’s weblog – a splendour blog, or the title of the weblog – DIY, Inspirations, Curiosities.


To entire the weblog title, simply enter the weblog panel – settings – basic. At the top, simply edit the “title” box.


If you are already filling in the title box, make certain to notice the one simply under it as well. The description is no much less important, I would even say greater important. Here you can increase the description of your weblog theme a bit.

In a few sentences, write something about your website, making positive that it displays what is on it as a great deal as possible. Use phrases that you would enter into the search engine when searching for such topics.


To the focal point even extra on the subject of your blog, it’s well worth including keywords. Go to the weblog panel – template – edit the HTML code. In the case of a splendour blog, the key phrases may want to be, for example, a splendour blog, cosmetics, beauty, care, reviews, perfumes, etc.


Now we will cross on to the foremost modifications to the code. You can effortlessly enter the guidelines from steps four and 5 on every template furnished in the template designer. In templates downloaded on the web, the remember might also be a bit one-of-a-kind – in some of these adjustments have already been made (templates to purchase on cartography are already with changes), in others you can also have a hassle discovering the codes given below.


In popular templates, the blogger offers the published titles the h3 tag. Of course, every of the h tags is important, so it is really worth the use of subtitles and headings in your posts, however, h1 is the most treasured for search engines. The title of the put up suggests what can be determined in a particular post, so it’s essential that the search engine sees it.

How do I change the tags from h3 to h1?

For starters, I constantly suggest you to make a backup of your template (see how to make a backup ). It is ample to forget about about one personality for the template to “fall apart”. If you are afraid to make modifications to the template code yourself, get assist from anyone who is aware of how to do it.


Enter template – edit HTML code and search (ctrl + f) “h3”. Replace every one of the h3 tags with h1. Just be aware that each and every tag has a starting and a quit and you want to change.



Pay interest to the browser window when you open the post. It likely indicates your weblog title at the top, observed via your put up title. Time to exchange that. Of course, the title of the weblog is additionally important, however, admit that greater regularly the reader appears for a reply than a unique kind of blog? Unfortunately, search engines solely exhibit a positive range of characters in the title.

For Google, it is sixty-six characters. If the weblog title seems first, it takes a dozen characters. If the title is long, you may also locate that it receives truncated and your key phrases are hidden from view. Besides, the most essential component is what seems at the beginning.


You need to be capable to deal with this exchange barring any problems, though you want to seek advice from the code

Google+, though now not very popular, can extend the visibility of your posts in the search engine. How? Among different things, sharing a hyperlink on Google+ speeds up the indexing of the web page to which the hyperlink leads. When, quickly after publication, I checked the visibility of the put up in the search engine, typically the hyperlink shared in G + seemed first, and solely then the submit itself.

In addition, if anyone has you in the circles, then after coming into the query, your entries are extra possible to appear. And if any person shares your G + entry, it is extra in all likelihood that he will be displayed to your friend’s friends, etc.

If you do now not like the usage of Google+, you can robotically join the blogger’s account to it – then every submission will mechanically show up on g +. It is additionally well worth including the g + 1 button in your weblog – it has a greater price than like!











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