What is a magnetic stirrer?

The process of mixing chemicals is complex yet precise. It’s vital to get it right. Stirring allows mixable liquids to become homogenized while solid compounds are stirred into the liquids. Throughout the mixing process, the temperature and concentration of the product are heavily observed. A faster stirring method allows for a quicker dissolve process and increases the rate of a chemical reaction.

Magnetic Stirrer

When the word “stirring” is introduced, people typically think of handheld methods. Such as stirring sugar inside a cup of tea with a spoon. Although the outcome is the same, the stirring process is quite different.

Most stirring methods are found in laboratories that use various tools to stir their chemicals. These devices range from magnetic stirrers, pumps, or shakers. However, one of the most common tools for stirring is 2mag USA stirrers, a magnetic device. Magnetic stirrers are a brilliant tool that uses a rotating magnetic field to stir the liquid. The speed is fully customizable to each sample. Most magnetic stirrers allow the application of a hot plate. That way, both stirring and heat can be introduced to complete a chemical reaction.

Low-viscosity liquids in high volumes require a different method, such as an overhead stirrer. Liquids with high viscosity are perfect for magnetic stirrers since one does not need to worry too much about overheating.


No matter what you choose, be sure to take safety precautions. Be sure to have an adequate setup in a lab or a safe escape from hazardous material. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best when interacting with chemicals. Be safe and cautious when working with a magnetic stirrer.

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