What is On-Page SEO for beginners?

Today, We will discuss the on-page SEO for beginners. In the first lecture, we have been discussed the Introduction of SEO. Now, Today we have the second lecture about the on-page SEO strategy. We will discuss their fundamental concepts on-page SEO on WordPress.

How we will improve a website or an online business on SERPS through on-page optimization in digital marketing. This is one of the best strategy for beginners who are working online on Google and other search engines.

There are some types of on-page search engine optimization. Who you can change it only one time or often in a while in a website and content.

What is One Time Setup In On-Page SEO?

You can’t change any activity in a one-time setup. as like HTTPS and SSL these activities you can’t change in a website. These activities will be one-time change to the website.

The Focus of SEO Experts

The on-page SEO experts mostly focus on the inside content of a website. on-page SEO element is the main role in content. who can easily change the inside content of a website. also, SEO experts consider unique content and their relevant keywords.

According to SEO Experts, this is a good technique of on-page and off-page SEO which is help to enhance your website traffic and high approach in google.

What Should You Do Must in on-page SEO activities?

Here, we will discuss the Title and Description, point of view will be on-page SEO for beginners in content.

What is the Title In On-Page SEO?

The title is the main Subheading of your content or website. which is explain your content through a title. What type of your content?

What is the Description In On-Page SEO?

The description is the main structure of your content body or website. You can easily change the description for on-page SEO to get the ranking. SEO Experts mostly consider and organize a description of the content.

Also, they are organized relevant keywords for description then they have put keywords in the description. Which are helpful to get the ranking on google and other search engines.

What is the On-Page SEO Factor?

Here, We will discuss some factors of On-page SEO. Which will help your website to get the direct and indirect ranking effects.

⦁ your website should be crawlable From where Google Roborst could easily get all information about your website.
⦁ The website URLs should have friendly for users.
⦁ you should have well targeted unique content.
⦁ you should have descriptions, Title and keywords optimized with different tools.
⦁ Your website should be optimized
⦁ You should have HTTPS
⦁ All website images should be optimized and attractive.
⦁ Readability and UX should be best for visitors.
⦁ The website should have the best CTR
⦁ Your website should be Mobile Friendliness
⦁ A website should have Quality Do-Follow Backlinks
⦁ The website structure should be perfect for looking.
⦁ Your links should be Quality outbound

These are all factors that boost your website, increase your traffic and optimize your web page loading speed in SERPs.

Lecture #2


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