What is search engine Work?

Today, we will discuss the search engine works. How does a search engine work for users when users search a query or find a result of a website?

There are some elements that are working step by step to show the result of a website. Like User, Website, Crawler, Local Server, Indexer, Main Servers and Google Algorithm factor.

What is the purpose of a user in SERPs?

It depends on their desires which are searching on a Search engine for a result of a website. There are some factors that will show a result of a query for a user. Here we will discuss the factors of Search Engines or SERPs.

What is the website or Internet in search engines?

The website is a source of user, from where he gets the information of his result, which is searching his query in a search engine or SERPs. So, there are some elements to work for that show a result for the user.

What is Crawler or Spider in a Search engine and how does work?

The crawler is the main work on a website or internet that collects all data from the local server. There are a lot of data and websites on Google. Google Crawler collects all links of websites.

Then Google Crawler transfers to all websites links in the Local Server. The Google Local Server is classified to all links of the website in the Main Google server.

What is an indexer?

The indexer’s main aim is to get all data from the Google local server for giving a categorization with a different name. After indexing all links of websites, then it is transferred to the main Google Server to show a good result.

What is a Google Main Server?

Google Main Server gets all information from Indexer and Google local server. Then it makes a sortable list of different categories with different niches. It is the main place for a user when he is searching a query in search engines or SERPs. The Main Google Server is transferred to his query in the Google Algorithm factor. Then it shows the result of the search query for the user.

Google Algorithm

The Main Google Server helps to Google Algorithm in a search engine to show the ranking of the website. This factor does work to see the result of a website for a user. It also makes a list of ranking all websites, According to users searches.

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