What to Look For in The Best Schools in Abu Dhabi

Providing their child with the best education is an utmost priority to all parents. You will want to enroll your child in one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi. But with so many esteemed institutions in the country, it becomes a little challenging to choose the best one for your child. If you consider a few factors, your search for the best school becomes more effortless. Browse through some of the elements you need to consider while looking for the best schools for your child.

6 Things to consider while choosing the Best Schools in Abu Dhabi


Curriculum at the Best Schools in Abu Dhabi

The curriculum followed at the school is an essential factor to consider. It will give you some idea regarding what your child will be taught in classes. Go through the official school website and know in detail about the curriculum. You will also get an idea about the academic calendar that will be followed at the school.
But a school curriculum solely based on academics may be too stressful for your kids. The best schools will have a combination of academic and co-curricular activities that will ensure the holistic development of your child. The co-curricular activities will enable your kids to develop the essential life skills which will help them grow in their careers.

Abu Dhabi Indian School Fees

Before choosing a school for your kid, you need to find out whether it’s affordable. The most expensive schools do not always ensure a high-quality education for your kid. You don’t need to use up your entire bank balance to get your high-quality child education.
You will find several affordable schools in Abu Dhabi that will secure a bright future for your kids. The Abu Dhabi Indian school fees that you are paying should be value for money in terms of infrastructure, safety, educational quality, extra-curricular activities, and learning facilities. Go through the detailed fee structure of the school and see if it can guarantee the all-around development of your ward.

Proximity of the School

You should start by looking for schools that are close to your neighborhood. The close proximity of your house to the school will ensure your child’s safety. It will also save your child from a long journey back and forth to school every day. A short distance and a comfortable journey will help your child focus better in class.

Hygiene and Cleanliness at the School

Apart from knowing Abu Dhabi Indian school fees, you also need to find out about the cleanliness and hygiene at the school. A clean school premise is a huge priority while choosing a school for your kid. Find out if the toys at the school are clean and safe for use by kids. The playground, classroom, and washroom should also be clean to ensure your child’s well-being.
The nannies, teachers, and other staff at the school should also follow hygiene practices. You also need to find out about the sick policy in the school. Any student suffering from cough, cold, stomach ache, or any other illness should be sent home immediately to prevent the other kids from contracting the illness.

Faculty and Staff at the School

Your child will be spending a huge chunk of the day in their school. Therefore, the faculty members and staff at the school should be well-behaved and cooperative. The best schools in Abu Dhabi have a low student-to-teacher ratio. It ensures that each student gets the amount of attention they need. Teachers are able to focus on the individual needs of their children in small classrooms.
Your child will be able to take part in discussions and ask questions comfortably. All the other staff at the school, from the nurse to the nannies, should know how to take care of the little children. You should also know about the administrative staff at the school as they are the ones who will help you with admissions, fees payment, and other things.

Maintenance of Discipline in the School

You should always find a school that has proper disciplinary rules. It will help your child inculcate all the right values. They will learn to bear responsibility for their actions inside and outside the school. Strict actions should be taken against bullying, fighting, or other harmful activities within the school premises.
But even though the disciplinary rules should be strict, they should be flexible. It should not become stressful for your kids as growth and development are hindered in such an environment.
Wrapping up
Simply looking at the school’s curriculum is not enough in deciding whether it will be the best for your child. Make a list of potential schools where you can send your kid and weigh in the options before finalizing your choice. Your kid’s education should be in a free and healthy learning environment.

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