You Can’t Delete Facebook From Some Androids

The Delete Facebook (Delete Facebook) movement is gaining popularity over time. But many users are worried about Facebook already installed on some of Samsung’s devices.

According to Bloomberg, the application cannot be deleted from Samsung mobile with Facebook already installed. Instead, users can only disable it. Facebook will not delete from their phone.

Facebook cannot be deleted from the Galaxy 9 and many other flagship devices for which users have spent huge sums. Pre-installed or pre-installed software has long been an important feature for PC and mobile. Many computers are sold with trial versions of software such as antivirus.


However, computer users can delete any software from their computer.

While applications already installed in mobile cannot be deleted. This problem is not as severe as consumers think. In fact, applications installed in mobile are not complete applications, but when used, they are quickly updated and act as a complete application. Pre-installed applications are installed as the system software, so ordinary users cannot delete them.

The Facebook application alone is not installed as system software. Google also installs applications in its operating system, Android as system software.


Disabling a pre-installed application, such as Facebook, deletes it, but only makes it visible to users. When disabled, it cannot send user data to Facebook’s servers.


One way to install the system software is to root the device, but routing can cause a number of other problems besides expiring the device’s warranty.

In addition to routing, Package Disable and the Android D Big Bridge program can communicate with the phone in the command line. Because all of these things are more technical, ordinary consumers can do their own harm in doing so.


Because an incorrect command can cause the operating system to malfunction

In this case, with regard to pre-installed software, users have only one option: take a deep breath, disable the app and forget that companies have already installed unnecessary applications for you on your purchased phone. Are also making money

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